Saturday, October 15, 2011

THE VOICE : Recap – Quarter-Finals Till’ The Final

Semi Final started with Christina Team and Blake Team. Both teams have hot and fierce performance. I think every performance in Blake team above the average and beyond my expectation. Christina team don’t wanna lose the spotlight too, Frenchie, Beverly and Raquel rock the stage with fierce!!, but unfortunately Lily Elise slip down a little bit because her performance is the worse performance of the night by my opinion and my expectation about her totally wrong.

 After Blake and Christine team, Adam and Cee-Lo bring their team to the stage. Adam team did quite good, overall I liked their team performance not beyond my expectation just answering my expectation, but team Cee-Lo in my opinion destroyed because Cee-Lo is too creative and too try things outside their comfort zone where instead of displaying the greatness of each contestants but the contestants on his team makes a person other than himself. I liked performance by Javier, Jeff and Casey from Adam team. Devon also good, but I didn’t get the wow moment when he performed. From Cee-Lo team, I just impress by Vicci performance, the other three is a pain for me.

Thompsons Sister bring a cute and girly performance, but not show they ability to the audience. Nakia sang “Whattaya Want For Me”, a horrible performance for me, not quite work for me, from beginning till the end it doesn’t work. Curtis Grimes also mislead by his coach, he a country singer, but Cee-Lo give a rock song for his performance. Sorry Cee-Lo… what you did to your team is a bad choices and make all of them look awful except Vicci.

Two contestants will move to the next round in every team. From team Blake, Dia took the highest voting and Xenia choose by Blake which is I surprised by the decision because I think Patrick more deserve than Xenia, but however I still happy because I like Xenia too. Xenia is a rough material who can polish to be better and can more give a wow moment in the next round.

From Christina, not surprise that Beverly took the highest voting and Frenchie choose by Christina, yep! Match with my prediction. In Cee-Lo team, also not a surprise when Vicci took the highest voting and not a surprise too that Cee-Lo will pick Nakia to the next round. A surprise moment happen in Adam team not when Javier Colon took the highest voting because it was really easy to predict, but the surprise thing happen when Adam did not pick Jeff and pick Casey Weston, that was the surprising moment in the result show for Adam team.

When quarter-round each coach performed with their team. Christina really rocks the stage with their team when they brought a house down with “Lady Marmalade”, Blake also having fun with their team with “This Love” from Maroon 5. Adam also give a good performance with their team. The last team is Cee-Lo team and again they team got the worse performance and I didn’t get the point of the performance at all, yes it’s creative and outside of the box, but what a shit performance in my opinion.

In the semi final round, every contestants bring their best shot to win the heart of America because the determining is the audience of America. Dia Frampton again give her best shot, after her performance with “Heartless” in quarter-finals really grab attention of the audience, now in semi final round Dia rocks the stage again with “Losing My Religion” from REM. Xenia don’t wanna lose the highlight, after the audience scream a lot in her performance “Price Tag”, Xenia give a solid performance in semi final round with “The Man Who Can Be Moved” from The Script.

I’m a little bit disappointed with Christina team because Frenchie still give an upbeat song and in my opinion Frenchie did not performed well with “Like a Prayer”, I hope Christina give her a ballad song and so Frenchie can show her bigger voice in semi final round at the voice. A little bit disappointed with Christina decision and makes me wondering that Christina really want put Beverly in the final round than Frenchie because Beverly performance in semi final round totally fresh because Bev took piano and perform a ballad song. After see a great performance by Bev, I already know that Beverly will win the spot in the final.

In Cee-Lo team, my prediction was right, Nakia will be more lost in the direction of his own coach. For me, Nakia again give one of worse performance of semi final round. Inversely with Vicci, Vicci really blast his perfomance more high and more great. So…. I knew it Vicci will through to the final, although Cee-Lo give more high credit to Nakia, but the audience more love Vicci.

In Adam team, it’s like David Vs Goliath because Javier Colon is too strong for Casey Weston. Although Casey Weston give her best performance so far in The Voice competition, but still can’t beat the performance by Javier Colon. My mind also wondering about decision Adam pick Casey than Jeff, my mind said that Adam pick Casey because to make an easy decision for him in semi final round, because if Javier battle with Jeff, it will be a fierce competition and will be hard to make a decision for Adam and also for the audience of America.

So… in the final round…. Dia Frampton battle with Beverly McClellan and with Vicci Martinez and the last is the only man in the final and he is Javier Colon.

In the final round, every contestant perform duet with their coach. Christina in my number one spot because her redemption “Beautiful” with Beverly is a breath taking, unbelievable great!. My second spot goes to Blake because again Blake show a having fun side with his protégé. My third place for Adam with Javier Colon, OMG they voice is really similar, awesome voice. The last spot for Cee-Lo and Vicci, weird duet and weird performance again for me.

In the final round, each contestant perform an original song who will their record after the show is over. Dia Frampton and Javier Colon is the best performance in the final, so not a surprise when the result said that Dia and Javier in the top two. I really want Dia Frampton win, but unfortunately the lucky fortune in Javier Colon. Javier Colon beat the another three girls in the final and took the title of the first The Voice. Congratulation for Javier Colon!!!!..... “Stitch by Stitch” is an awesome song, but Dia song is more awesome “Inventing Shadows” and in the i-Tunes Dia beat Javier Colon because Dia sit in number one and Javier must satisfied in number two.

That's all about the voice.... but I'm not stopping in this post talking about THe Voice... just wait and see another post about the voice in my next post...

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