Wednesday, March 17, 2010

TOP 12 Performance - Rolling Stones


Michael Lynche - Miss You
Randy : good every week
Ellen : the way start to night
Kara : being hot on stage n you did that
Simon : you sang it well, dancing tiny little bit desperate
ArD (Me) : For me... Last week performance is better than today you doing... but that performance is till good, you are very consistent Big Mike!!!

Didi Benami - Play With Fire
Randy : One of the best
Ellen : That was great
Kara : two step with right right direction, two weeks you show who you are as an artist, the sweetness of your voice n a little bit dark performance......
Simon : very very solid performance not brilliant
ArD (Me) : Well Done!!! I like that performance, great job two weeks in the row you doing a good job n you already find who you are as an artist, so my advice keep up the good work n being consistent in this competition.

Casey James - All Over Now
Randy : you're back for me
Ellen : i think that was fantastic
Kara : tonight you are the rock star, this is best performance since we met
Simon : not guy just standing in center of the stage, just be a star
ArD (Me) : This performance is much better than last two weeks and I think this is the best performance from you so far, because you show the other side of you. You have a sweet voice that you show in heaven but now you being a rock star. You show much character and charisma at there performance, so of course the girls will crazy over you. My advise for you, I agree with Simon you must use this big stage not just standing in the center of the stage bcoz It's make your performance bad and looks clumsy and kind of boring if you doing like this week by week.

Lacey Brown
Randy : very interesting, one of most interesting of the night
Ellen : little bit sleepy, I'm fan of yours
Kara : I think you can do better
Simon : stop over thinking, nothing wrong with the vocal
ArD (Me) : Wow you are getting better Lacey and of course you like doing a song like this, because all performance you show in live approximately the same. I think if you want to be an artist like this you must more more explore yourself, because sometime your performance is interesting but sometime your performance is boring n sleepy. So explore more Lacey!!!

Andrew Garcia - Give Me Shelter
Randy : It was just pitchy everywhere
Ellen : Best performance yet
Kara : The connection out of that performance
Simon : You gave it 100%. I hope you survive for another week
ArD (Me) : Happy to see you put the guitar, but your act performance little bit clumsy Andrew. Overall that was a good performance, not the best tonight but the best by you in live show bcoz you doing a different, you doing rocker man, you improve Andrew but you must fast improve next week, okey?

Katie Stevens - Wild Horses
Randy : very strong performance
Ellen : you sounded amazing, what a great song, good choice
Kara : it's never technically perfect with you, better than last week
Simon : This is the first time you connect with the song, you gave it 100%, well done
ArD (Me) : Wow many contestants back and you doing it too Katie. The best performance so far by my opinion for you in live show. Great song choice, good job n more improve for you next week, okay?

Tim Urban - Under My Thumb
Randy : It just weird for me. I don't like that.
Ellen : Didn't just wow for me.
Kara : Doing a different with the song, that's incredible.
Simon : it's kinda boring song and it didn't work. Crazy decision.
ArD (Me) : Not best like last week, but in my opinion still good performance by you with not compare to other contestant performance tonight, okey??. At least you have a moment in there.

Siobhan Magnus - Painted Black
Randy : that was hot Siobhan
Kara : The best interpretation tonight
Simon : stand out performance tonight
ArD (Me) : You looks so glamorous, beautiful n so classy tonight. The vocal is so great Siobhan n make me Wow!!! n make me so surprising n agree with Kara make remember to Adam Lambert. But for me you have an issue too, when the music turn to up beat, your body language not turn to up beat too it's too slowly, so make your performance clumsy and little bit weird, but after that you slap me with you're doing in the end of the song, Crazy performance from Siobhan!!! Love it or Hate it!!!

Lee Dewyze - Piece of Burden
Randy : it was doubt n better performance from you
Ellen : a little less from I'm expected
Kara : termendous growth
Simon : i like you personally, forget able song choice, stop thinking other people better than you
ArD (Me) : Again.... enjoyable n likeable performance from you Lee. The issue is not have a lot moment in there Lee, so two hour after this show that performance will forget able. Agree with simon 100%

Paige Miles - Hunky Thonk
Randy : I like it man!! you must put more energy
Ellen : you sounded great
Kara : The young Paige is back
Simon : You did great and hit a big notes, very old fashion, at least we heard big voice when see you in Hollywood Performance
ArD (Me) : Love see everybody going to the right direction. You too Paige, you move to right direction now. It was a good performance, I like Paige like this, But I agree with Randy you must put some more energy to that performance.

Aaron Kelly -
Randy : you born to sing. I like you and i think that was hot
Ellen : stand out so far tonight
Kara : really great
Simon : you choose 100% the right song, the strongest performance from you today
ArD (Me) : a little bit rough when it start but it's more good to the end of the song. Everything is enough with your performance like the emotion, and the time when you sang bcoz if that five minute performance I will be bored. Great job!! n very glad to see you being consistent in this contest.

Crystal Bowersox -
Randy : I love you, you not disappointed me
Ellen : you born to be on that stage
Kara : you so comfortable up there, it easy to watch
Simon : 100% the clear favorite, for the first time you beaten by someone, Siobhan.
ArD (Me) : That was very enjoyable and likeable. So cool performance!! even you just standing in the center of the stage but you can make people enjoy your performance n forget everything n just remember how cool your performance.

Superstar Tonight is :


My rank for tonight performance :
1. Siobhan Magnus
2. Crystal Bowersox
3. Aaron Kelly
4. Didi Benami
5. Casey James
6. Paige Miles
7. Katie Stevens
8. Michael Lynche
9. Andrew Garcia
10. Lacey Brown
11. Lee Dewyze
12. Tim Urban

overall tonight it's a great show, happy to see many contestant back to the right direction. Season 10 show the swagger tonight, and make the competition is getting hot n getting harder. So of course everybody must give it the best shot every week.

If Tim not out tomorrow night, I will shock again because none other contestant proper to out instead Tim, Tim has enough chance to prove that he good enough in this compeition and he's not good enough n this is the time he must go. Lee bring not good performance too bcoz lack of moment in his performance, but he deserve for another chance because last three performance was good. Lacey for me she's getting better week after week, so very deserve for another week. Andrew... hhmmm I know until know he not show the great performance like Straight Up but his performance tonight more improve n agree with Simon, I hope he give another shot next week.

So who will be in danger??? Tim, Lee, Lacey, n Andrew

Another 8 contestant give the strong performance tonight and absolutely deserve through to the next round......

Just find out tomorrow night who will out?? Tim??? Lee?? Lacey?? Andrew?? or another shocking elimination???

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