Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Recap GIrls Performance n Guys Performance in TOP 24

Wew... First live show American Idol season 9 was rough. Many contestant who potentially great didn't perform so well in that night. Honestly this situation happened almost every year in American Idol, First live show is always rough, just few contestant can did a great job in first live show and if from beginning someone did a great job very potentially win this competition n stay longer in this tough competition. Take an example for last year, Kris Allen did a great job in first live show with man in the mirror and he win the competition. Adam, Danny n Allison also had did well in first live show.

This is it rank performance by the girls : (my opinion)

Outstanding performance by Katelyn Epperly n Lilly Scott, this two girls the best performance in that night......
1. Katelyn Epperly - Oh Darling
Very very good performance from Katelyn. Honestly I'm surprised because I'm never expected she sang really well in first live show, although her audition in category memorable audition. I kinda agree with Kara that her appearance is so ugly ;p. Simon said good song choice, like you a lot. Kara said you know your voice and you know what you doing. Randy said you had a big voice. Ellen said great voice, have an amazing voice.
2. Lilly Scott - Fixing a Hole
That's a great performance from Lilly Scott. Her voice is totally unique and everyone will remember her. She will stay longer in this competition for sure!!!. Ellen said such a great job n such unique voice. Simon said best we had so far, but not star power from you. Kara said you believe able, everyone will remember you tonight. Randy said I love the honesty, I thin that was great.

Still good n almost outstanding....
3. Paige Miles
It's good to start the show, cool performance and one of the best voice in this competition especially among the girls. Simon said you'll be fine, must be careful about song choiceg. Kara said ridiculous voice, not really good in the chorus, the song not right choice because this a group song so you have a trouble in chorus. Randy said big voice. Ellen said it was great.

In mediocre performance or just okey performance, but still save for another week....
4. Crystal Bowersox - Hand In My Pocket
5. Siobhan Magnus - Wicked Games
6. Michelle Delamor - Fallin

6 girls not really good performance and in danger position.....
7. Katie Stevens - Feeling Good
8. Didi Benami - The Way I Am
9. Haeley Vaughn - I Wanna Hold Your Hand
10. Ashley Rodriguez - Happy

2 girls will out this week.......

11. Janell Wheeler - What About Love
I believe she is the underdog among the girls and is true. She sang What About Love, She killed by that song. It's too big song for her and she can make it good with that song. Many pitchy spot in her performance. So I believe she will out this week!!. Randy said not a right song choice, not originality, still like your voice. Ellen said good song choice, I like it, I love you. Simon said off key, you gonna survive this week (and he's wrong yeayy!!! ^^). Kara said bad song choice.

12. Lacey Brown - Landslide
Nothing special with her performance, very okey performance just bcoz she had a nice vocal, but also very very forgettable performance. I think she had a baddest performance in that night because very forgettable performance. Randy said that was terrible. Ellen said you better than that, I like you. Simon said that was depressing, it was just boring. Kara said American gives you another chance because something good about you.

This is it the rank performance by the guys : (My Opinion)
Outstanding performance by one and only.....
1. Aaron Kelly - Here Comes Goodbye

Two performance in high quality too... smooth, relaxing and enjoyable and also very comfortable too watch, hear n consumed....
2. Lee Dewyze - Chasing Cars
3. Joe Munoz - You and I Both

He bring the good performance, but low in emotion.... although that all judges like his performance.....
4. Casey James - Heaven

I just appreciate because the creativity is so insane to make the arrangement like that and deserve to give the another shot from people America....
5. Todric Holl - Since You Been Gone

Three contestant that I think the frontman in this guys group, give disappointed with they performance because they just show the okey performance and very mediocre, but I believe they will save for another week....
6. Andrew Garcia - Sugar We're Goin Down
7. Jermaine Sellers - Get Here
8. Michael Lynche - This Love

Four guys will be in troubl and have a big chance to out from American Idol Season 9
9. John Park - God Bless The Child
10. Alex Lambert - Wonderful World

11. Tyler Graddy - American Woman
12. Tim Urban - Apologize

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