Friday, March 19, 2010

Say Goodbye to Lacey Brown


We Must Say Goodbye to..... LACEY BROWN

American Idol turn to the Big Stage and first elimination in big stage goes to Lacey Brown. It always hard to see people going home week after week, especially to see nice contestant like Lacey going home. For me it's not a big shock or big surprise see Lacey going home because based on her performance last night she proper to going home, but still sad to see Lacey going home.

For me Lacey has a great personality and also has a great look too. She's pretty, have a great skin, and very fabulous in dress. Other than that, she a nice person n bring a happy aura to that show. She always smiling even all judges give hard criticism to her. We will miss that personality in that show.

Talk about Lacey journey in American Idol, she has a great journey in American Idol. It's hard to get a rejection for somebody and Lacey get that in last season, when she is really close to Top 36, but she must lose head to head with Megan Joy. It's great to see Lacey back in this season and say I know I'm not good enough last season but I really ready for this season, It's true!! she made it pass final judgement in Hollywood Week and goes to TOP 24 this season. I'm happy too when she made it to top 12 and her journey end in top 12.

Four performance in live show, for me Lacey never bring her best performance. First week is terrible job goes to second week she perform better and goes to third week she's getting better. Goes to the big stage I mean TOP 12 performance, she's more getting better. I think the best performance by her in the top 12 based on live show performance, although I believe she can doing more than that.

Before TOP 12 performance held, I make a prediction based on top 24 till top 16 performance. Honestly my prediction for Lacey not like this, because it's too fast journey for her. In my prediction she will have more chance in Big Stage performance. In my prediction she has more one or two week from top 12 performance. I mean she will cut off in TOP 11 or TOP 10 and have a chance to get tour around USA, but American People has decided n Lacey Brown journey must ended in TOP 12.

Wish u all the best for you Lacey!!! ^^

Keep doing this Lacey, because you have a great asset in singing world. You have a great voice, unique voice, you got a style and of course you have a fans out there. One advice for you Lacey, You must explore yourself again to find out how to sing a song not sleepy n bored n also give something special moment to your performance, because you love sing a ballad song like you doing last two weeks in that show. Just keep going Lacey!!! Gud Luck for you!! With Love from ArD ^^

History Performances of Lacey Brown
TOP 24 - TOP 12 Girls - Landslide
TOP 20 - TOP 10 Girls - Kiss Me
TOP 16 - TOP 8 Girls - The Story
TOP 12 - Ruby Tuesday

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God Bless You, Lacey Brown ^^

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