Saturday, March 13, 2010

American Idol 9 : Say Goodbye To The Best of The Rest

The part of TOP 24 has ended. We move to the top 12 and we also to the big stage, but we leave the tears and sad in small stage. Some people must crying because they journey in American Idol must end before go to Bog Stage.



The journey of 12 contestant hope full American Idol must be end. In the first week we must sad because Ashley Rodriguez, Janell Wheeler, Joe Munoz, and Tyler Grady out from the competition. Second week in small stage we must be eye witness from John Park, Jermaine Sellers, Michelle Delamor and Haeley Vaughn going home. Last week in top 16, we must be shocking because some great contestant must be eliminated from the competition, and they are Katelyn Epperly, Lilly Scott, Todric Hall and Alex Lambert. Here they are :

1st Week
Janell Wheeler

She has a great vocal, the sweetness of her voice make Simon like this girl and hope she can survive for another week, but America decision is different. I think she out of the competition because picking a bigger song and she can conquer that song. She is the most beautiful woman in TOP 24 American Idol season 9, Dammed!! so beauty!! but now we can't see this woman again. Good Luck for you Janell!!

Ashley Rodriguez

She is my favorite since audition. Many people predict that she will go to top 12 and have a incredible journey in this season, but all prediction goes wrong. In first live show, she must going home and make my heart so sad. Lose my favorite in the beginning, it sucks you know?? bcoz she deserve to get another shot in the competition, but what else to do?? it's already happen. Wish u all the best, Ashley ^^

Joe Munoz

I don't know this kid till TOP 24. I just know He sang "Man In The Mirror" in Hollywood week 3rd performance. When He sang a song called "You and I Both" from Jason Mraz, I think he did a pretty good job. I really enjoying heard n watch his performance, I think he will through to next round, but America decision so different. American same with simon not really like his performance, so make his journey ended.

Tyler Grady

I like the style of him, very seventies!!. He first performance in live show for me so terrible, because of that he really deserve to be eliminated. The judge said that he performance is predictable, because of that maybe the reason he has eliminated from the show. Definitely he has a great potential.

2nd Week

John Park

The one and only Asian boy in American Idol season 9. He never show the best performance in the live show. He issue is never connect with the song, He just sang with him unique voice. Two times performance in live show with no different and same issue. The best moment for him is when he doing the audition with Shania Twain, unforgettable moment.

Jermaine Sellers

I think he will be the frontman in the guys group, but my prediction wrong. Same with park two times performance in live show with no different and same issue. The last performance from him is "What's Going On" with very bad arrangement, so no surprise when he's out of competition.

Michelle Delamor

She has a great technique when she sang. Basically she can sing, definitely!!. Last performance by her in TOP 10 girls is too risky, She sang a song from creed called "when the arms wide open" with her own arrangement. The judges praise her because brave to change the arrangement like that, but her brave make herself in danger position and must leave the competition. She very fashionable and most fashionable girl in season 9.

Haeley Vaughn

Simon said she a little bit arrogant when her sang. She very young and very talented, I think she must have more time in this industry, she's not ready for this competition. First performance in live show with song from The Beetles, I think she did a really good job. Goes to second performance in live show, she pick a big song from Miley Cyrus and she did a terrible job with that, pitchy everywhere. The elimination is very sad and so touching, especially when she sang the climb in the end of the show, oww.. that's really really touching.

3rd Week

Katelyn Epperly

Katelyn Epperly sang "I Feel The Earth Move" in TOP 8 girls. Kara said she like no compete. Kara said this because she performance very ordinary and nothing special in her performance. Sang with play piano make her performance so worse, Because of that she deserve to meet her family in home.

Todric Hall

The most creative contestant in this season. So shocking when he's out of the competition. If he going home in TOP 12 guys or top 10 guys, I'm not really surprise, but after he sang "Somebody To Love Me" he really deserve to the top 12. Great vocal in that performance and randy feels that too. He can sing, can dance, so creative, he got all the thing to be a great star I mean superstar in music industry. Gud Luck For you Todric n May God Bless You Always.....

Alex Lambert

The journey of shy boy must ended too. Week by week He's getting better. He definitely has a great voice and very typical. The best performance by him in TOP 10 guys when he sang a song from John Legend "Everybody Knows". He really have a chance to be American Idol this season if he since first live show not too shy and doing the best he can since the live show begin. You have a great asset in music industry, keep doing this Alex, you just need more time to be a star, Wish u all the best, Good Luck and God Bless You olweis...

Lilly Scott

This is the most shocking elimination so far!!! After Hollywood week is over, She became the front runner in this competition. Goes to top 24, she still prove that she is a front runner in this competition. Week by week she fight with Crystal Bowersox to be a best performance. I believe many people predict her will be in top 12 and have a big chance to win this show, but people of American said different. They choosing to sent Lilly Scott home.

Almost every season when top 12 will be announce, the result exactly shocking!!... In season 9 the last result show when top 12 announce is really shocking. In season 8, the result is shocking too, but a happy shocking because in that season for the first time big stage will be fill with 13 contestant and the person who make the result so shocking is Anoop Desai. In season 6 too, the result is shocking too because Sabrina who did a pretty good job must out n Haley Scarnato who really struggle with her performance to get a praise from the judges going to top 12, not just that The contestant that Simon hate Sanjaya Malakar also in to the top 12.

American Idol is reality show so because this is reality, the result not always will be fair, and sometime will be very shocking. We will see what happen next... whether the result like what you want or the result will be shocking again??? just watch the American Idol next Wednesday and the result show in Thursday only in Starworld for Asian people in 05.00 PM

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