Thursday, March 11, 2010

Top 8 Guys is top of the heat.... Who will out??? Confusing!!!

Tonight performance almost color by guitar. First performance till fifth performance all using guitar. Just last 3 performance not using guitar n the best performance in the last 3 performance. The last 3 performance are Aaron Kelly, Todric Hall, n Michael Lynch. If one of them out from competition I will shock!!!. I relief my favorite Aaron n Todric doing pretty good job tonight.

So.... This is my recap performance for the guys n my opinion too for guys performance....

Lee Dewyze - Fireflies
Randy : it was strange song choice, a couple pitchy problem. it work out.
Ellen :i like it you make a little rock. i though it was great.
Kara : you look confident tonight. make a better song by your interpretation. very sold it
Simon : i don't think you have a moment
ArD (Me) : Tonight He sing fireflies, one of my favorite song, and He did pretty well with that song because doing different from the original. Week by week I more like his performance, I hope he goes to top 12 and still consistent with the performance and see Lee in top 5.

Alex Lambert - Trouble
Randy : it good song choice. A little to fast for me.
Ellen : You are consistently and getting better and better. I love your innocent. Don't be cocky banana.
Kara : Let go...
Simon : We never see you relax. Let yourself go
ArD (Me) : A great song choice from you. The best performance by you so far in this competition. I must agree with Simon that you not totally relax, but that a character performance and I like it!!

Tim Urban - Hallelujah
Randy : you did a pretty good job
Ellen : that was fantastic, you sounded very good
Kara : i thought you will going home few weeks ago. that a honest. all about the emotion, and you show it.
Simon : this week very very smart, best performance so far by you.
ArD (Me) : WoW!!! really surprising by Tim. I really want he go home two weeks ago, but after that performance.... hmmm... I think he has a big chance to through the next round, I mean top 12. But still remember if He through to top 12, He must doing like that if you want to stay a little bit longer in this competition, because you still the underdog in this competition. So keep up the good work.

Andrew Garcia - Genie in the bottle
Randy - it didn't quite work for me.
Ellen - i though that a great song choice, i still thinking people will like it.
Kara - it just wasn't great
Simon - just okey, a little bit desperate. Going backward in the moment.
ArD (Me) - Enjoyable performance. Best enjoyable performance by you in live show performance, because you look more comfortable with that performance. Cool performance and audience like it!!! but what I'm worry is.... whether that performance will make you to the top 12??? I'm not sure... so... wish u all the best.

Casey James - You'll Think Of Me
Randy : very save choice
Ellen : i thought it was great, you so much comfortable, you sounded great
Kara : this is was better than last week, honest, sing from your heart, definitely move in right direction
Simon : better than last week, you sounded great
ArD (Me) : it's a good performance but doesn't have very special moment in there. This time you must have a bright moment and strong moment, if don't.... I don't know you will make it or no to top 12... because lack of moment make the performance forget able. Same with Andrew Wish u all the best.

Aaron Kelly - I'm Already There
Randy : that was really good, dude can sing, job well done
Ellen : i think you sounded much better, i don't think that was terrific
Kara : not relevant with that song
Simon : it's beautiful song, right song must to do with you,
ArD (Me) : The best performance tonight so far by my opinion ^^ For me you very consistent and I want you to keep a good performance week by week. Keep up the good work Aaron!!

Todric Hall - Somebody to Love
Randy : Todric is back, you prove you can really sing. That was a best vocal tonight n couple week.
Ellen : you brave. you did it a good job.
Kara : it was a good singing. it so dramatic n gospel little bit.
Simon : tell us who you are, it's a good song choice
ArD (Me) : that was hot!!! great job!!! I relief you have a great performance and make all judges blew away by your performance. If I said Aaron the best tonight... I'm wrong... You are the best performance tonight....

Michael Lynch - This woman's work
Randy : that was hot!!!
Ellen : one of my favorite song, so beautiful
Kara : it's amazing, it's so relevant, n brought me to cry
Simon : you came out with difficult to sing, 100% nail it, the best performance live show so far
ArD (Me) : You close the show with outstanding performance, so that performance will be so hard to forget able, so it was fantastic n again that is the best best performance tonight, if you not through in top 12 i will shock!!!

This is my rank for Top 8 Guys performance :
Strongest performance tonight taken by........
1. Michael Lynch (Againnn... for second time Michael Lynch took the throne in guys club...)
2. Todric Hall (Finally!! judges like him n praise him)
3. Aaron Kelly (Aaron very consistent since beginning live show competition, till now for me He always in the top of the chart)

The underdog show the swagger....
4. Tim Urban

Good performance but few other contestants make them performance in mediocre performance tonight
5. Lee Dewyze
6. Alex Lambert

This two guys will be in trouble tonight.... but I'm not sure too they journey will end this week because.... out there they have so many fans.....
7. Casey James
8. Andrew Garcia

This Friday show... will be very tense, because it so hard to predict who will out... especially in guys group. Casey n Andrew have a bis chance to out because not show the great performance, but once again they have a radical fans out there.... so it will be so tense who will out.... hopefully not my favorite out ^^ I mean Aaron n Todric through to top 12. If Casey and Andrew out of the competition... it will be a Shock Friday night.... but make the competition getting interesting...

Don't forget to watch Friday Elimination Show.... Only in Starworld (for Asian People) ^^

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