Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Top 8 Fantastic Girls... Who will go to the BIG STAGE???

Top 12 girls in season 9 so incredible. They all have a great voice, but the problem stuck them is song choice. Every girls out from the competition because not pick a right song choice so they performance just gone bad. Now goes to top 8 girls, the heat is getting high n hot. Who will cry?? who will perform in BIG STAGE??? don't miss the elimination show at Friday only on starworld (Asia only) ^^

This is my rank for performance in top 8 :

3 girls who have a bright spot in top 12 are......................

1. Crystal Bowersox – Give me one reason

Randy : Love you, love the song, love the honesty.

Ellen : Best performance of the night

Kara : You are the people who knows who they are.

Simon : You are one million billion percent will in the top 12 next week, what you get now you get a confidence.

ArD (Me) : Best performance so far, you more prove week by week that you are a great artist and hard to beaten

2. Lilly Scott

Randy : good job, well done

Ellen : love it, love you

Kara : it was contemporary

Simon : pretty brave choosing that song, it was cute, corckrey, risky thing to do

ArD (Me) : I really fan of your voice, you sing whatever song it sounds refreshing and unique. One of the strongest performance tonight.

3. Didi Benami

Randy : It’s definitely better than last week. I’m not sure have a wow moment in there.

Ellen : It was lovely performance. I thought good job.

Kara : Favorite moment so far in this season, really my favorite moment

Simon : I must agree with Kara, for the first time you prove you are the artist

ArD (Me): Sweet performance by Didi Benami and the best performance so far from Didi Benami in live show performance.

This two girls who have quite good in performance but some judge not quite happy with their performance.....

4. Siobhan Magnus

Randy : you taking a risk, that is hot

Ellen : you're a spectacular

Kara : you are so unique n different

Simon : I was under impressed, no moment in there, a little bit dark

ArD (Me) : Siobhan you so unique, quirky, and I like that. You unpredictable?? yes... it give you positive and negative too. The negative what kinda artist do you want??? because you change all over the week...

5. Lacey Brown

Randy : Best performance, it was very cool.

Ellen : Best performance by you today.

Kara : Effortless singing, this is a record you must be do it, She's back.

Simon : You sing it very very well, it's danger to be forgotten.

ArD (Me) : She very like performing that kinda music. For me it's too little bit boring if I must hear about 3 or 4 minutes, but thanks GOD I just heard about 2 minutes. Based on singing or vocal great.... you show quirky voice n falset voice that I love from you and you show that tonight... good job!! n you back to the game?? yeahh you backk..

3 girls will be in the danger this week are........

6. Katie Stevens - Breakaway

Randy : karaoke to me, it didn't works for me

Ellen : great song choice, I didn't see it (personality)

Kara : I don't think you know who you are as an artist

ArD (Me) : You picking a right song choice, because make you looks more young. For me not very very bad performance, but not great too. Just okey because you not connect so much. So just wish u all the best Katie

7. Katelyn Epperly – I feel the earth move

Randy : great song, nothing special about that

Ellen : I don’t know that song will make people vote for you

Kara : I’m not feel your compete

Simon : I like your hair, not do it special, mistake for u tonight

ArD (Me) : For me Katelyn pick a right song choice. She’s the one who has a consistent performance week by week. at least not a bad performance just okay performance, bcoz lack of connection. What I’m worry is whether the performance is enough to through??? I'm not sure...

This girl will have a hard chance to through top 12 is.....

8. Paige Miles – Smile

Randy : It just didn’t work it all. The song way to big

Ellen : you have a great personality and it’s not shine in that performance. The right song for you to choose

Kara : it’s all wrong

Simon : Terrible song choice. Arrangement is awful. You have so much potential, but you not know who you are as an artist. This could be the end of the row.

ArD (Me) : Weird performance from Paige. I think last week is better and two weeks ago is more more better, it didn’t work so much paige… hope the best for you...

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