Thursday, March 25, 2010

American Idol : Result Show Recap.....

After Lacey be victim last week. This week somebody will be having a same faith like Lacey.

The show begin with performance by top 11 sang "wake Me Up Before You Go Go".....

After that the result is read and the first person save and goes to the tour is Siobhan Magnus....

Tonight we got the ridiculous moment when the result were read for Lee and Casey. Lee and Casey just standing over there and Ryan goes to Paige and Tim. After the result for Paige and Tim read, Casey and Lee still standing over there, The show going to commercial break. So that was ridiculous moment and so clumsy you know... hahahahaha big show like American Idol can make a mistake too hahahaha funny moment!!

Yihaaaa bottom two is Tim and Paige because they are is the worst in TOP 11. I prefer Tim to out because no more chance for him, he's talent in singing is stuck and hard to grow up. I think he will never have a bright career in music industry, maybe you should try to be an actor or model, maybe like Zac Efron did.

Not longer after that, Miley Cyrus took the stage. Wow she doin' great on that stage. So much better than last year when she sang "The Climb", because too much pitchy when she sang it. The connection, the pitchy, stage presencce all is in the right track and all is good!! good job Miley!!

Aaron, Didi, Michael n Crystal are save. So just left Andrew and Katie to fill one spot in bottom three and it goes to Katie Stevens. Katie in bottom 3 tonight??? I can't accept that, She so good yesterday night. Huhff I'm glad she save and go to the tour because she very deserve to get that, yesterday performance should must bring her to top 10.

Before we know the result, Joe and Demi took that stage. Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato singing a song called "Make a Wave", and both of them have a great chemistry in that stage. Demi... you have a great voice, What you doing in that stage so great n fabulous. Sound great, look great, Stage presence is wonderful, your body language (act) so awesome. Everything about your performance is wonderful!!. I'm a fans of You!! ;)

So we arrive to the result..... The person leavin us tonight is Paige Miles. We can't see anymore Paige Miles in the show. It not shock result, everything is predictable tonight except Katie go to the bottom three. So tragic to see Paige treated like that, she even not give a chance to sing for another time, Simon immediately tell the result to Paige, oww hard to see that. Honestly tonight wasn't a sad result and Paige close the show with a beat song from her performance in TOP 24 called "All Right Now" when Simon said "you have the best voice around this girls group" not "Against All Odds".

Before I end this post. I want to going backward for a while, because I've got something to you for remember. When Ryan talking to Crystal about criticism yesterday night, about Kara said try not to playing guitar and Simon said don't change anything still playing guitar. Ryan asking who advise would you take???, and you know what.... What she said??? she said "Me"... That pretty awesome question and very true answer about whole this competition. If whole the judges give the criticism and make you (contestant) confuse, and everything they said you feel wrong, don't follow that just do it based what you believe and doing the right thing, but don't be stubborn too, If u do what you believe again and again but it still bad and not bring a good performance, so that must be something wrong happen with you and take a lesson from the judges. All judges just want to help you.. I mean the contestants, but the person who really know the contestants is them self.

My advise for all the contestants is just be yourself and do what you believe right, but don't be stubborn if judges give advises, If you think right just take it and if you feel not right don't follow that advises. ^^ Good Luck for all contestants in TOP 10.

Good Luck for you too Paige... may God always Bless You in every way you take ^^

Don't miss my next post, talking about Paige Miles... See You...

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