Friday, March 12, 2010

American Idol 9 : Please Welcome Your TOP 12

TOP 12 American Idol has been announced. Six girls and six guys will perform in big stage. In that stage too, one by one contestant will facing elimination until just two contestant standing and one of them will be crown American Idol 2010.

TOP 12 contestants in season 9 almost everyone under 25 years old, only 2 of them above 25. Let me introduce you to TOP 12 season 9 contestants :

Aaron Kelly16 Years Old
Sonestown, PA

Andrew Garcia
24 Years Old
Moreno Valley, CA

Casey James
27 Years Old
Fort Worth, TX

Align Center
Crystal Bowersox
24 Years Old
Elliston, OH

Didi Benami
23 Years Old
Knoxville, TN

Katie Stevens
17 Years Old
Middlebury, CT

Lacey Brown
24 Years Old
Amarillo, TX

Lee Dewyze
23 Years Old
Mount Prospect, IL

Michael Lynch
26 Years Old
St. Petersburg, FL

Paige Miles
24 Years Old
Naples, FL

Siobhan Magnus
19 Years Old
Cape Cod, MA

Tim Urban
19 Years Old
Dunanville, TX

That's all contestants season 9 in TOP 12. They will compete to get the title American Idol.

Based on TOP 24 performance, I make the prediction for them. This is my prediction in American Idol season 9 :

1&2. Crystal Bowersox & Michael Lynche
Based on top 24 performance Crystal & Michael will be in grand final because both make a great performance in TOP 24. So they have a big chance to get the title in season 9 and of course both of them are frontrunners now.

3,4&5 Lee Dewyze, Siobhan Magnus & Aaron Kelly
Based on top 24 performance, this three kids will be very close to the grand final and very deserve to get into big 5 based what they did in top 24 performance. Very consistent performance make this three kids deserve to taste the journey in BIG 5.

6. Didi Benami, 7. Casey James, 8. Katie Stevens, & 9. Andrew Garcia
This four kids have a incredible job before top 24 performance and make all judges blew away in Hollywood week. Didi with Kara song, Casey contestant favorite Kara, Katie make all judges proud with her performance and make Kara said "possibly win the competition" and Andrew with Paula song "straight up". Goes to top 24 they going backward.

Based on performance top 24, Didi Benami deserve in 6 spot because she did a pretty good job in last performance TOP 8 girls. Casey deserve to be landed in 7 spot because He did a good job with "Heaven" in first live show American Idol although two performance after that very ordinary. Katie can be landed in 8 position because She follow the direction from the judges although make her so confuse and "Breakaway" performance in TOP 8 girls make her deserve landed in top 8. Andrew just only can make it to top 9 if he didn't show the performance like in Hollywood week.

10. Lacey Brown & 11. Paige Miles
Lacey never show great performance in TOP 24, very ordinary. So very tough to her to compete in this competition, Go to top 10 and join the tour will be hard battle for her although she has a big potential. Based performance in top 24, Lacey journey will be ended in top 10 performance.

Paige Miles, she has a great potential and Simon said she have a great vocal. Based on top 24 performance, She hard to win this show although she has great potential. "Smile" performance in top 8 girls, makes her looks so bad and two another performance not very spectacular too, so my prediction for her will be in TOP 11 performance.

12. Tim Urban
If he doesn't out in TOP 12 performance, I will be shock!!! Definitely He no chance to win this competition. Can perform in big stage that a pretty awesome journey for him, so feels good to see him goes so fast in this competition. If He can pass from top 12, He will become Sanjaya in season 6, have a bad performance but not out from the competition.

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