Tuesday, March 30, 2010

"Rude Boy" Make Rihanna Conquer The Billboard Hot 100 by 2 Consecutive Weeks

Until now, Rihanna release four single from her new album called "Rated R". "Wait Your Turn" become her first single to conquer the world, "Russian Roulette" become the second choice, "Hard" Rihanna third pick, and the last but very new is "Rude Boy". Three previous single not bring her to the top like "Umbrella" did. Finally the last single from her can repeat the success she had previously.

When she released her album "Rated R" in last year 2009. "Rated R" debut in number #4 with 181.000 copies in first week, Rihanna highest selling debut in USA. That was the highest position "Rated R" did till now. Now "Rated R" standing in number #20, up 2 level from last week. Hopefully 'Rude Boy' can increase the sales of 'Rated R' and make position 'Rated R' in Billboard 200 much better.

"Hard" peak position just reach position #8 in Billboard Hot 100. Now "Hard" still alive in Billboard Hot 100 standing in #69. "Russian Roulette" and "Wait Your Turn" I recall did not reach the top spot too. So far "Rude Boy" performance is the best. At least, Rihanna can make one single from "Rated R" arrive in number one spot in the toughest chart in the world. That make Rihanna new album "Rated R" quite well in world music industry. Although not well like achievement that her get from "Good Girl Gone Bad" Album.

Rihanna performance in chart MTV Southeast Asia, MTV Chart Attack. not quite well too. Although Russian Roulette can alive in the chart for a long time approximately more than 10 weeks, but till now all single from "Rated R" still not arrive in the top of the chart. Rihanna hope only in "Rude Boy" to create one single from his new album "Rated R" arrived at the top.

So far, performance Rihanna with "Rated R" and all single from that album not quite great like previous album "Good Girl Gone Bad". "Good Girl Gone Bad" makes her one of the superstar artist in the world. At least with "Rude Boy" Rihanna can breath relief, because that new single make her a "star" again.

By the way.... Congratulation to Rihanna for her achievement. Get a number one in Billboard Hot 100 by 2 weeks consecutive with her new single "Rude Boy".

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