Friday, March 26, 2010

Paige Miles Leaving The Show.....

TOP 11

It's Predictable...........


PAIGE MILES Must Leaving The Show

Second person must leaving the big stage is Paige Miles. The result is predictable that Paige or Tim will be out from the competition and both of them in bottom two, America very very right to put them in bottom two.

For me, Paige never show the very best performance when live show is began. The best performance by her for me when she sang for the last time in the competition, I mean when she voted off last result show. She singing a song from TOP 24, when she perform first time in live "All Right Now".

I don't know what happen with Paige this week. She really lost not just by choosing song, but how to sing well too. She look like first time singing ever in her life, very terrible. She lost too about to be herself, She try to be Mariah when sing the song, C'mon Mariah it's great singer you not arrive that now Paige. Feel poor to Paige...

The biggest issue for Paige, I think about confident and really know herself. When the judges said to her that she made it to top 24, Simon said to her, "I'm telling you that you are better than you know". So Simon already see before top 24, that Paige has issue about not have a big confidence and not really know who she is as person and also as an artist before.

Paige you're a great person, you have a great personality, and you have a great voice (Simon tell her that she one of the best voice in the competition too). Just confidence to yourself and let people know who are you as a person and also an artist. You have a great asset Paige, use that Paige.

I feel so sad for Paige because I really want to see Paige perform very very great and be the strongest on that night and to prove the people of America that Paige is a great as an artist, but Paige journey must end this week. One thing you should prove too Paige, When you sing a ballad you did a terrible job. When you sing "Smile" in TOP 8 girls and "Against All Odds" in TOP 11, all is bad, you must must learn how to sing ballad well. You always pitchy all over the place when you sang ballad. Don't forget to get a connection to song too, that's very important in Ballad.

Paige keep doing this, as I said before you have a big asset in music industry, your voice is so amazing. I will miss your voice Paige, your sexy voice will be so memorable. Luph u Paige and wish u all the best for you... I hope I can see you again later in music industry. ^^

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TOP 16 - TOP 8 Girls - Smile
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