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American Idol : R&B Week With Usher

Aaron, Andrew, Casey, Crystal, Didi, Katie, Lee, Michael,Siobhan & Tim will go to the tour around America. This week, they facing R&B week with star of R&B, Usher.

So far 2 girls out from the competition. Will be one girl again out this week?? or one guy will out?? or nobody will going home?? Just see the result show tomorrow night. Now let's enjoy tonight performance, okey?? ^^

Tonight the show a little bit different because they show the backstage. I love the backstage show, when the contestant interviewed based what they did in that stage and how they feel about the criticism. That interesting part...

And this is the recap.....

Siobhan Magnus - Through To The Fire
Randy : I don't know this is still the shining moment. Not your best performance.
Ellen : I thought it not your best performance.
Kara : Not strong enough. End of the day still a great singer.
Simon : Your out of breath it's all over the place. Your weakest performance so far.
ArD (Me) : For me, your performance tonight a little bit weird. Sometime the sound is not good. You're doing again the shout moment, sounds good but not really really work for me tonight, Siobhan... I'm Sorry, I didn't like your performance.

Casey James
Randy : This is was another hot night for you. Perfect selection choice for you.
Ellen : Consistent. A little bit generic. Nothing wrong with that performance.
Kara : You got more..
Simon : This week in my opinion, the strongest week you have so far. Really really impress with you this week Casey.
ArD (Me) : When you perform with guitar again... In my thought, Oh! no.. why?? this will same like previous performance. But I'm wrong. That performance is my favorite so far from you, not the best because based on the vocal Heaven is much better. But what I like from your performance is your act in that stage is much better, I lot critics bout that and now you can fix it, one thing you must fix it again is you facial expression. Very enjoyable. It's so comfortable to see your performance. Great Job Casey!!

Michael Lynche - Ready For Love
Randy : very sensitive song, you in the zone, I love every performance dude.
Ellen : That was beautiful, I like it.
Kara : You did an incredible job. It was taste full.
Simon : For the first time I can take you seriously as an artist. I believe that performance is terrific.
ArD (Me) : This is your zone and you in the zone. So if you not have a good performance in this week, I will be very shock, stun and confuse. It's a little bit dark and to sad sensitive song, but that's okay. Everything in that performance is great. You got the moment, you can show off your voice... vocal. Great Job for you Michael.

Didi Benami - What's Become Of The Broken Hearted
Randy : I love the song. The whole song is flat line for me. Wasn't great. I didn't get it.
Ellen : It was dramatic. The way dramatic not your best performance.
Kara : You've change. You lost your way. I don't know who you are anymore. Leave me puzzled.
Simon : So old fashion. So out of melody. You lost your way.
ArD (Me) :You pick a great song, Didi. Better song choice than you did last week. I think the part before the end, you can do much more in that, because I expect more from you. It's kind a flat?? yes, I must agree with Randy. The end of the part is great and I think that's your moment. Overall not so bad performance, I can feel what you want to deliver with that song. But your homework is how to creating a lot moment in your performance. You can sing, you can connect with the song, but you must improve your ability to creating a moment, okay?? Keep on Fire Didi!!!

Tim Urban - Sweet Love
Randy : At least you sang in tune. Not vibes. It's nothing. It's feel flat for me again.
Ellen : You're adorable (I don't know what she said, pointless what she said for Tim hehe)
Kara : Uncommercial. Why you keep doing this??
Simon : You not gonna win. The audience will vote for you. Nobody care. You will be here next week. Well Done..
ArD (Me) : This is more flat than Didi did. But overall it's okay performance and like karaoke singer or wedding singer or restaurant singer and something like that. I don't know this performance can brought you to another week, but another aspect from you I thing can make you save for another week.

Andrew Garcia - Forever
Randy : Andrew is back. The outfit is great. This is your best performance for me in a long time.
Ellen : Really amazing strong performance. I love when you smile.
Kara : Nothing make me happy than one giant league in the right direction. He's back in the game.
Simon : Miles miles better than couple last week. You must showing much personality. I don't know anything bout you as a person.
ArD (Me) : That was the best performance by you and everything is in the right part. Before the end of the part, I think you can do better than that. You shoot the high note and make more moment in there. But it's okay, that already happen. This is what I love about you. Doing an acoustic, singing well, enjoy and how you feel it that song. You're back Andrew. You show us what you want to be as an artist. I believe you know who you are as an artist... Just keep going in what you want and what you believe Andrew!!

Katie Stevens - Chain a Fool
Randy : The best vocal of the night. You have vibes. Nice vocal. She's got the potential to be a Christina.
Ellen : The vocal is great again. I hope song a little more current. You sang it very well. You so mature.
Kara : You best vocal performances. Back to the young and commercial. Good job in the vocal. The vocal is getting better.
Simon : It very robotic. My problem is I don't believe Kara advise is right and this zone not the right zone for you. Take the advise from me.
ArD (Me) : Yep still hot performance from you Katie. Look more mature but it's okay because you perform your vocal in a dammed great. I believe Simon wrong, this is your zone Pop-R&B will make you much better as an artist.

Lee Dewyze - Treat Like A Lady
Randy : Unbelievable. That was a bomb.
Ellen : Best best performance of the night. Unbelievable.
Kara : Amazing.. Amazing
Simon : This is your problem, you did not believe in yourself. This is the night may change your life forever.
ArD (Me) : That was the best performance by you so far in this competition for me. Your progress tonight is very very huge. A great performance and copy word from Randy and Ellen Unbelievable and the best performance of the night.

Crystal Bowersox - Midnight Train To Georgia
Randy : I love the outfit. I love you sing with piano. Another great performance by you.
Ellen : You always great.
Kara : I'm so glad you took that risk. I just still can't wait what you gonna do next week.
Simon : Just do what a comfortable for you.
ArD (Me) : I'm very surprise when you up from that piano. Outside from the guitar, you still have a great star presence. Your voice sound very very good and beautiful. Agree with Usher perfect song choice for you.

Aaron Kelly - Ain't No Sunshine
Randy : Start a little rough. Just alright.
Ellen : I though a good song choice. Good job.
Kara : I still like it.
Simon : Like a cup cake. It wasn't good like last week. Zero chance for you to leave this show, it just okay.
ArD (Me) : For me, you drop the ball tonight, Aaron. It's not a great performance from you. A little bit disappointed because I think this kind of music is your zone but you not show great. I think my criticism influenced by you the last performance tonight and many contestant before you doing great than you did tonight. Second influenced is I ever heard better arrangement and contestant singing this song great. Very mediocre Aaron, but you still my favorite.

Tonight is a great show, many contestant doing a great job. Just few contestants have a bad performance and maybe will be in a danger situation tomorrow night.

After seeing 10 contestants singing tonight, for me the superstar tonight between Andrew Garcia or Lee Dewyze. Finally the guy take the throne from the girl.

So The superstar tonight is.......................


My Rank for tonight performance :
The strong performance tonight are......
1. Lee Dewyze
2. Andrew Garcia
3. Katie Stevens
4. Crystal Bowersox
5. Casey James
6. Michael Lynche

The mediocre....
7. Aaron Kelly

Almost good but it wasn't...
8. Didi Benami
9. Tim Urban

The bad performance of the night and very surprising it goes to....
10. Siobhan Magnus

Bottom three for tomorrow, I believe will be Didi Benami, Tim Urban and Siobhan Magnus. The person will leave... I really really want Tim Urban leave the show. But for Siobhan and Didi be careful because you have a great chance to going home too. If Siobhan out, the judges maybe will save her. But if Didi out... I don't think the judges will save her.

Based on last week result show. Katie Stevens who has a great performance last week, can join in the bottom three group. So there still a chance to another contestants who have a great and good performance join in the bottom three. But based on performance Didi, Tim and Siobhan should be in bottom three. Another person who have a big chance to join in the bottom three is Aaron Kelly.

Don't forget to watch the result show in Star World for Asian People at 5PM or 7PM (for Indonesian and Thailand People)........

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