Wednesday, March 24, 2010

American Idol : TOP 11 Performance (Billboard Number #1)

Goes to top 11, the competition is getting hot!! because just 10 people can join the tour. If someone not bring a great thing tonight, We will said goodbye to him/her.

"people is getting selfish to get their spot", Ryan said.

You know what?? the mentor is...... Miley Cyrus!!!

I little bit surprise, because she's too young and sometime she sing pitchy. I hope she doing good and not mess up.... The result is... She did a pretty good job with the contestants

Lee Dewyze - The Letter
Randy : It's cool you choose a blouse song. Knocked out of the box. Good to start
Ellen : my favorite pens is back. That was fantastic
Kara : the progress is termendous (I don't know how to spell that word >.<), you're getting better!!
Simon : you sounded good. Not make you a contemporary artist and not good to recording.
ArD (Me)
: I'm happy see Lee not using the guitar and act stage performance is better although still rigid for me... sounded good and good to starting the show. Better than last week. I like it!!

Paige Miles - Against All Odds

Randy : honestly that was terrible, pitchy everywhere
Ellen : ...I will give a critics to Kara n Simon
Kara : you stop competing, you stop listening, it worst vocal from you n whole this season
Simon : progressively worse. You will be serious serious trouble tonight. You stop believing to yourself. The song is kill you.
ArD (Me) : Paige some moment I feelin good bcoz you can connect to the song, but many moment I'm not feelin good. Too much pitchy and for me you trying to be Mariah with sing like that, Mariah sing with smooth and you trying to sing smooth too and it didn't work. You very very Lost!!

Tim Urban - Crazy Little Thing Called Love
Randy : Vocal was so boring, It's so bad karaoke
Ellen : you have huge fans, but it felt like audition in highschool. I didn't get it
Kara : You didn't change up the melody. You a lot of work to do.
Simon : I don't understand why you did that?? pointless n silly, zero chance to winning. Silly silly song choices.
ArD (Me) : It's good to see you doing some act in the stage, it's so refreshing to see the contestant doing like that. But the vocal not really outstanding and you didn't get the beat. It's a beat song but I don't want to move, It so flat vocal and the way you sing is too heavy. Didn't work out for me.

Aaron Kelly - I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing
Randy : not a perfect performance, Thanks GOD because Two before you makes me what's goin on tonight, i like you, you really talented, I'm a fan
Ellen : Perfect song choice for you, such amazing voice, I see career your already, it's amazing
Kara : best song choice of the night. Week to week you know how to pick a song, show consistency, vocal not perfect and we know why. more stage performance from you.
Simon : very brave, my criticism for you... making you old fashion, zero chance to going home.
ArD (Me) : Are you sure Aaron wanna doing this song??? I really scary watch he performance. Start is good, reff a little bit down, after that you sold it man!!! For me the way you sing is a little bit save and a little bit struggle reach the high notes, but overall good man!! and I think you being a frontman in this competition Aaron!!! you so consistent!!!

Crystal Bowersox - Me & Bobby McGee
Randy : That was called a star!! I'm so happy that's what all about..
Ellen : Nothing wrong with that performance, a little more connection take it all in.
Kara : I wanna see you let go anything
Simon : I don't wanna change anyhting. The good version like Pink did. You just took a song, "nailed it" (am i right with this word??? >.< )
ArD (Me) : You really really an artist Crystal. I like the arrangement, the vocal, everything about that performance I like it. Just one thing I dislike, too much da da da words, why the improvement choose that Crystal?? okay don't answer that, it really doesn't important. You're Great!!!

Michael Lynch - When a Man Loves a Woman

Randy : you really know who you are, R&B soul dude.
Ellen : great great voice and this woman love that man.
Kara : I love you, technically good, boring.
Simon : Over too much. You ton of charisma and people like you.
ArD (Me) : I disagree with some judges. This is a kind music you must record Mike!! when you doing "a woman's work" it's so great and you doing kind that music again and that's great Michael!!! I really like when you sing a song about woman, you great to interpret that kind a song. You really adore woman mike!! and I'm impress about that.

Andrew Garcia - I Heard It Through The Grapevine
Randy : for me it wasn't good. Pick a wrong song choice, It's not really who you are.
Ellen : Not good song choice.
Kara : I feel bad for you. You don't know what to do up there, you confuse. You must go back to that moment when you did "straight up"
Simon : The problem is the arrangement. The problem you don't know who you are as an artist.
ArD (Me) : Your stage performance so rigid you know. Picking a song like that.. Motown.. I think that a wrong choice. Overall it just okay with no special moment. It's kinda boring to wait you finish sang it, very forgettable. It's just okay Andrew and I feel so sad with you. I really really want to upgrading you Andrew... C'mon Andrew you can do this!! I believe in you!! You very talented and the talent never fade just try the way to shine your talent okay??? C'mon catch the other contestants and kick they butt next week, okay??

Katie Stevens - Big Girls Don't Cry
Randy : A little pitchy, At least you listening
Ellen : I thought it was best performance so far, you sounding great, you like dakota fanning of American Idol
Kara : This is a different Katie, This is where you belong, you still get a pitchy issue
Simon : It was a good performance
ArD (Me) : You picking a right song choice. Very young, sounded great. That's my favorite performance tonight!!! Great Job Katie!!! The best performance by you so far!!! I'm so happy to see you doing that!! You looks like a superstar... very comfortable, so enjoyable, your persona is so shine.. yeayy!! great!!!

Casey James - The Power Of Love
Randy : Bad song choice but sounds good.
Ellen : The best vocal of the night
Kara : you're in the zone now.
Simon : Old fashion, there's no effort no originality.
ArD (Me): Starting good but goes to the end is boring. Again your stage act performance is so boring. I must agree with Simon, Arrangement not make me crazy, no effort. You have so much persona, but you lose your persona goes to the end. Didn't work for me.

Didi Benami - You're No Good
Randy : I love the idea, very pitchy all over place.
Ellen : I just didn't get that song choice.
Kara : It feels not you, like playing some character. Very dramatic. It just left me confuse.
Simon : Like a musical. Didn't sound it like you. Like Lacey doing last week.
ArD (Me) : For me you still in the right track Didi. I agree with the Randy, The idea is good and interesting, I think just the pitchy all over place make your performance not really really good. I must agree with Kara too, you like playing a character on that performance but different with Kara felt, I'm not confuse, I can feel it. Agree too with Simon you like Lacey performance last week, everything is so organize, let go Didi!!.

Siobhan Magnus - Superstition
Randy : You so fearless.
Ellen : You're so good, I love you.
Kara : I think you more comfortable in there than any place out there.
Simon : Some people will like it, many people will dislike it. You start pushing yourself, for me not a good night overall.
ArD (Me) : I never watch this song preform by girl. Dammed you look fabulous again tonight!! very beautiful!! I love your vocal so much, when you hit the high note and the low note, so great!! you getting improve in your body language and your move too. You getting better, but a little bit predictable too. In the end of the part, I can guess you, you will shout again. Just think that thing will useful for next week or no... because if you doing week by week like that, everybody will guess it. Try to be unpredictable, okay?? like you're doing before. Love you!!

Superstar Tonight For Me Is...........


My Rank for tonight Performance :
Four strong performance tonight are.....
1. Katie Stevens (Katie has a huge progress this week, deserve to be number 1)

2. Crystal Bowersox (Although Crystal doing great and give very strong performance for her, but sorry Crystal I must give the throne this week to Katie)

3. Siobhan Magnus (Still great, but not great like last week, little bit predictable this week, So deserve in number 3)

4. Aaron Kelly (The best for the boys, become the frontman especially for the boys, the best boys performance of the night)

Almost strong but not enough....
5. Michael Lynch

Mediocre but still save for another week...
6. Lee Dewyze

Very ordinary, have a chance to be in the bottom 3
7. Casey James
8. Didi Benami
9. Andrew Garcia

Will be in danger n serious serious problem....
10. Paige Miles
11. Tim Urban

Overall tonight performance not good like last week. Too many contestants perform ordinary n not give enough special moment. Five contestant performance lack of moment like Casey, Didi, Andrew, Paige and Tim. So probably this five kids will be in bottom three. If Paige n Tim not in bottom 3, I will be shock, because they really deserve in bottom three and one of them should going home tomorrow night.

One left spot and Casey, Didi and Andrew will pursuit for that one spot in bottom three. For me... I really want Andrew in bottom three, to make him wake up n become a great artist, because that event will slap him so much, But not to make him going out from the competition.

So who will be in bottom three tomorrow....

Of course Tim Urban n Paige Miles..... and one spot will be for Casey/Didi/Andrew... but maybe will go to Andrew... So this my prediction :
- Andrew Garcia
- Tim Urban
- Paige Miles

My prediction who will out is....
TIM URBAN --->> enough chance for him, like Simon said he zero chance to win and must take a singing lessons, and very not deserve join the tour.

Watch out Result Show American Idol, Tomorrow at 05.00 PM only in Starworld (Asian People). Will be a shocking result again??? or predictable result??... let's find out tomorrow...

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