Monday, October 4, 2010

1. Super Junior - Bonamana

20.10 ArD August Playlist

International Playlist

1. Super Junior - Bonamana

Wowwwww.... Finally!!! we arrive in number one for august playlist. After this post, all of you will see and heard the new song.... that I have a new concept?? let see hahahha.....

by the way, the number one for International Playlist in August Month is Super Junior. This is the first time Asian artist sit in number one in my playlist. Congratulation for Super Junior!!! your song is rocksss!!!!....

Of course I can't share the lyric of Super Junior because I can't speak Korean or understand the Korean language. Although like that, I still will share the video from Super Junior with Bonamana.

If you are girls, I guarantee you will like the video because you can see the handsome guys hahahhaha..... The video is cool, we can see a lot of dance because this is a dance song, so the video really show dance dance and dance.

Rating for the video : 3 Stars

Stop talking... let's enjoy the video....

Thanks for 4 the video :D

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