Wednesday, October 27, 2010

9. Astrid - Tak Ingin Dicintai

9. Astrid - Tak Ingin Dicintai

Astrid in my playlist again!!... after her first single called "Tentang Rasa", Astrid ready to release her second single called "Tak Ingin Dicintai". This second single more fun and not so sad and gloomy like the first one. I still like the quirky voice from Astrid, a fans of your voice Astrid!!

Unfortunately this second single haven't a official video yet, although like that in radio this song really often played. So... check out this video, in this video you can sing when you see the video because the lyrics is on the video. Enjoy!!...

20.10 ArD September - October Playlist
Number 9 in My Indonesian Playlist

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