Saturday, October 23, 2010

29. 4 Minute - I My Me Mine

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29. 4 Minute - I My Me Mine

4minute (Korean: 포미닛) is a South Korean girl group created by Cube Entertainment who have released various singles and EPs since their founding in 2009. The members consist of Nam JiHyun (Hangul: 남지현), Heo Gayoon (Hangul: 허가윤), Jeon Jiyoon (Hangul: 전지윤), Kim Hyun-Ah (Hangul: 김현아), and Kwon Sohyun (Hangul: 권소현).

I just knew two singles from 4 Minute. The two songs are really dance songs. If 4 Minute can't move your body, that's impossible. 4 Minute songs really can make your body move. I like this song a lot, honestly!!....

The video from 4 Minute not really bad too, the concept still the same but well explored. I said the same concept because from two videos that I knew, all video very very dance video. That's not bad video because you can see the dynamic move from 5 beautiful girls. The video still worth to watched.

Rating for the video : 3 Stars

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