Friday, October 1, 2010

Call Back : Kris Allen - The Truth

I already share about Kris Allen song "The Truth". This song also can made it to 20.10 ArD Playlist in the month of June. Now I call this song back because I will share to you the music video from this song.

In this music video, Kris Allen duet with Pat Monahan. Pat Monahan is the vocalist of Train. The song without Pat is good and with Pat in there, the song is still good haha....

I like the video a lot, the video has a concept and can execute with really well.... The video is very nice to watch and worthy to watch!!! The lamp in the last ending part, it was so good. The setting of the video is really nice and tasty!! haha......

Rating for the music video : 4 Stars

Want to see the lyric just visit my recent post :

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