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18. Anang & Syahrini - Cinta Terakhir

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18. Anang & Syahrini - Cinta Terakhir

This is the second single from Anang & Syahrini. After released successful single "Jangan Memilih Aku", Anang and Syahrini released their second single "Cinta Terakhir". The first single more successful than the second single. I think the first can success not only because the song is nice to heard, but also the factor of their controversy.

Anang is one of the judges in Indonesian Idol. He became a bad one, like Simon Cowell in American Idol. Anang become a judge in Indonesian Idol for two times in Season 5 and Season 6. In industry music Indonesia, Anang already vacuum in a long time, but he back in the last year and released his solo single called "Separuh Jiwaku Pergi". That solo single make him back to the top in Industry Music Indonesia.

We can call Syahrini a new artist because her career not so long in Industry Music Indonesia. I know her when she release her first single called "Bohong", the song sound very nice and I know that song because that song become a soundtrack in Television Film. After that single, Syahrini gone like eaten by the earth. Now she became a superstar artist and goes to the top in Indonesia music industry, this happened because her duet with Anang. A good song and a controversy will make the artis in the top of the game hahaha.....

Just congrats for both of them because can goes to the top in Indonesia music industry and also can compete with bright new artists and survive in this industry. Well done, guys!!...

'Bout the video, the video wasn't spectacular, it just okay video. The things that I like in the video is the color. The color of the video is very blue and white, the sea is blue, the sky is blue and the wardrobe is really suit with the set of the video, the wardrobe color is white and really blend with the sky and the cloud. I really like the color that bring in this video, this video is very relaxing for my eyes haha :)

Rating for the video : 3 Stars

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