Friday, October 15, 2010

19. Cinta Laura - Guardian Angel

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19. Cinta Laura - Guardian Angel

This is the third single from the latest album Cinta Laura. The first single is "Love Is Money", the second single "Shoot Me" and the third single is "Guardian Angel". The most successful single from her second album is "Love Is Money", two other single can't achieve what the first single did.

Also from third songs Cinta Laura release to the industry, only two songs from her can go into my playlist. "Guardian Angel" position more bad than "Love Is Money", because "Love Is Money" is a better song than "Guardian Angel".

Cinta Laura is an Indonesian artist who has a mixture of foreign blood. Cinta Laura career start from acting. She became an actress in TV series drama and also play in movie. After that, she got a chance to make a single, not too long from that she release her first album. The single from her first album like "You Say Aku" and "Baby".

The video a little bit boring because just show Cinta Laura wear a white dress from the beginning till the end. The video is not telling the story, just show the beauty of Cinta Laura and also the sexyness of her. So.. sorry I just can give 2 Stars because what a boring video, yes you are beautiful Cinta Laura but c'mon make a video more better than this. "Love is Money" has a better video and also "Shoot Me" has a better video too.

Rating for the video : 2 Stars

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