Sunday, October 17, 2010

16. Armada - Ku Ingin Setia

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16. Armada - Ku Ingin Setia

Armada is a group band in Indonesia. We can call them as a new artist too, so far Armada only release one album with three singles. The most famous single from Armada is "Mau Dibawa Kemana", that single who can make Armada called as one from many bright new artists in Indonesia.

Their first single not bad too. The first single "Buka Hatimu" also really known in Indonesia, because the song became a soundtrack for TV drama series. In Indonesia, the song whoIn Indonesia, the song who taken by tv drama series to be a soundtrack, definitely will really known in the people of Indonesia.

The lyric just like the other Indonesian songs, always talking about love story. In my opinion the lyric not so special, but the music of the song is sounds good. 'Bout the video... nothing special with the video too. Very ordinary video too, but the model in the video surely beautiful!!! haha.... The model who kill herself by jump from the rooftop of the building is Nikita Willy. Nikita Willy is young actress in Indonesia, I mean a top actress in Indonesia and she recently winner in Panasonic Music Award as the best actress in TV drama series.

The rating of the video : 2,5 Stars

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