Tuesday, October 12, 2010

20. D'Bagindas - C.I.N.T.A

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20. D'Bagindas - C.I.N.T.A

Honestly this song not a new song, but I'm miss to input this song to my playlist in previous month. This song is nice to heard and I fell in love with this song because one of finalist Indonesian Idol 2010 (Citra) singing this song with really really well, because of that I fell in love with this song. Before Citra sang this song, I'm not the fans of this song, because Citra I can fell in love with the song.

D'Bagindas is a new artist in Indonesia and they genre in Pop-Melayu. I'm not very sure that D'Bagindas will survive in Indonesia music industry because they really similiar with other artist like ST 12, Wali and the other artist who more shinning in Pop-Melayu area. Just let see.....

The lyric is talking about unrequited love. A man who really love another a woman, but the woman not give the love that man gave to her. Although like that the man still love the woman with full of heart. The video really tell the story who written in the lyric.

Overall I like this song, still nice to heard.... not a very very bad song haha... :D

Rating for the video : 3,5 Stars

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