Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Inspirational Song : 21. Chris Sligh - Only You Can Save

Inspirational Song

21. Chris Sligh - Only You Can Save

Do you still remember with Chris Sligh? Chris Sligh is an alumnus of American Idol season 6, which occupies the top 10 in that season. Alumnus American Idol season 6 has been issued a second album. Chris Sligh remain in the area gospel for this album. Looks like the first single released by Chris is "Only You Can Save."

If we hear this song, this song is like "Battlefield" from Jordin Sparks, with few similarities, but enough to feel the similarities. Although like that, this song is tasty to be heard and the lyrics also can give us inspiration, surely this song will inspire, because this song is a gospel song.

This song haven't official video yet. So I gave you a video who show the lyrics of the song. Enjoy the song and let's get the inspiration from this song :D

*This song also in to 20.10 ArD Playlist September - October and sit in number 21

Thanks to Youtube.com

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