Thursday, April 15, 2010

American Idol TOP 9 Performances Again Elvis Week

This week top 9 performances again with mentor is Adam Lambert. Adam Lambert is first American Idol contestant who can be mentor in this show.

Do not take a long time, let's go to the topic....

This is my recap :

Crystal Bowersox
ArD : Crystal I like and very enjoy with your performance. Great opening and you raise the standard of the night very high, so watch out for another contestant. Crystal lately maybe last couple weeks in your performance you show massive personality, and I'm so impress by what you doing lately. You more stronger and more dangerous!!! You ready to kill Mamasox!! Good job Mamasox!!

Andrew Garcia
ArD : I think this is the first time you walking around the stage right?? I like it dude. You show more personality in this performance, because usually you become robotic just sing and play guitar. With this you give something refreshing from Andrew performance. But you have a bad issue from me too, based on singing.... I'm not really liked it, for me a little bit too flat until the end part, agree with Simon lazy and lack of energy. One side I love and One side I hate.. Sorry Andrew!!...

Tim Urban
Simon said from zero to hero in two weeks, grow in confidence.
ArD : Tim what are you doing??? you're doin' freakin awesome!!! I think that not really high class performance, not show a great technique or great vocal. But you show that singer not enough just with great technique, they need an emotion too. That a sweet performance, so like able, very enjoyable. It's so honest, true, authentic, like you sing from your heart Tim. Great great emotion!! well done Tim, you really really back to the competition and ready to rumble with front runners.

Lee Dewyze
ArD : It's a good performance from you Lee. You show the consistency in here. Agree with Adam your facial expression must fix it little bit, but you sing with great. I hope this performance can make you through to next round. Vote for this guy America!!

Aaron Kelly
ArD : Wow Aaron I'm proud of you!!! This is the first time you walking around in this big stage. This is the first time you sing up tempo song in the big stage. Tonight you give the progression in here competition Aaron. I think you doing a great job Aaron. I like your performance so much. So confidence, show a little bit your swagger. I don't have a problem with that. Like that!!

Siobhan Magnus
ArD : Mr. Lambert advice was totally right for you, because I don't wanna see you with a slow song again because you do it last week and not too much personality in there. Now I like the first half and I like the second half. It's prove that Siobhan can doing anything!!. The first half I like it so much, you show an attitude and fun personality with your smile and your eyes so shining, like you want telling something with your eyes. Second half prove that you have a great voice, can sing and hit that high notes. Like Aaron I don't have a problem with your performance.

Michael Lynch
ArD : That's for sure not the best performance so far tonight, but I like the sweetness you bring to your performance. I think you still in the zone Mike. Randy was right too, Hot vocal performance!!. But I still worry about you, can you survive for another week?? I'm not very sure because I think your star persona is going fade. Sorry...

Katie Stevens
ArD : I still like your performance last week, but this is still a good performance from Katie. You show some your attitude, personality and great hot vocal performance. One thing you must put in your performance, more anger in that performance and show it to Simon!!! and sing it in front of the face Simon!! That will be great to watched...

Casey James
ArD : Casey you the last contestant to perform. I think that very ordinary and just okay performance. Fun arrangement and you show a great guitar player. But overall just okay and very ordinary. Before you, many contestant show great performance, this performance become pointless and forgettable. Sorry...

I enjoy watching this episode. Many contestant doing a great performance and the underdog become a hero in this episode. For me the superstar of the night between Crystal and Tim.... maybe this surprise you but I must admitted that him performance is the best performance in that night. So the superstar this week is.....


My rank for TOP 9 performance, Elvis week :
Three strong performance.....
1. Tim Urban
2. Crystal Bowersox
3. Lee Dewyze

Three performance who can make they save for another week.......
4. Katie Stevens
5. Aaron Kelly
6. Siobhan Magnus

Three mediocre performance and have a chance to leave the show....
7. Michael Lynch
8. Casey James
9. Andrew Garcia

Honestly I very enjoy watch the show. Tim show a great progression. Crystal and Lee still be the consistent contestant. Katie is getting better week by week. Aaron back to the competition with show good performance, show some an attitude and personality, show a different side of him with up tempo song. Siobhan bring some attitude and personality too.

I think just three not enough show some progression.
For Michael... I think what he's doing is never wrong always in the zone. I think his performance this week like last week show great vocal but not good enough to people vote for him

Casey.. very going backward after what he did last week. This performance is same like he did in TOP 12 or TOP 11. I can't remember what he sang in the top 12 or top 11 because lack of moment and so forgettable. Feels bad for Casey...

Andrew... This is the time to Andrew go. Enough chance for him to prove that he good enough to beat another contestant. He show a move in his performance, but that not really really good enough to make him go to the next round. I'm sorry goodbye.

My bottom three Michael - Casey - Andrew
Casey and Andrew leave the competition.... I'm sorry goodbye....

One thing before I close this post... Adam Lambert is so a great mentor, he advice for all contestant honestly it's true and very right. I like all advice Adam give to the contestants make the contestants looks better. Great Job Adam Lambert...

See you in result show post.... Two will out and top 7 will be made....

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