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American Idol TOP 9 Performances Lennon & McCartney Songbooks

This week 9 contestants standing for Lennon & McCartney Songbooks. We can call this week is The Beatles week. This week theme almost same like theme from season 7 top 12. Season 7 top 12 doing The Beatles week.

For me this week is a good week just few contestant did terrible job. In my note 5 contestants have a strong performance, 2 almost strong but not good enough, 1 very mediocre with nothing special moment, so the last is very predictable and did a terrible job.

This is the recap :

Aaron Kelly become a first contestant to perform for the first time in American Idol....

Aaron Kelly - The Long and Winding Road
all judges dislike he performance...
ArD (Me) : What I thought is right. Aaron will sing a song same like he did last couple week, slow and ballad song. So Aaron performance is very predictable for me, because it's predictable I didn't like Aaron performance. For me it so boring performance, not special and very ordinary. I'm a little bit disappointed with this kid because lately his performance not make a great progression, I have four favorite since auditions American Idol Season 9 begin and Aaron is one of them and also one and only my favorite left in this competition, so I put a big hope for him to have a great performance every week and give a significant progress.

Katie Stevens - Let It Be
Katie inversely with Aaron. Since American Idol goes to the big stage, Katie give a significant progress. When she sing "Wild Horses" she like comeback to the competition and ready to compete again. Goes to the top 11 with "Big Girls Don't Cry" she give a solid performance, so young and commercial also can show her swagger too. Last week with "Chain a Fool" Kara praise her for great vocal performance. Now with "Let It Be" she can mix it, young and commercial with great vocal performance. This is the best performance by her so far in idol competition.

Andrew Garcia - Can't Buy Me Love
After last week he doing well, now he going backward again. He has a very inconsistent performance, very hard to be the best performance in one night and beat another contestant performance. In this performance, he show again the performance with lack personality, lack of expression, and of course lack of moment. He must put a great hardwork now in this competition, if he want survive till big five. If he still doing performance kind a like this, his life in this competition just 1 or 2 weeks left.

Michael Lynche - Eleanor Rigby
For me this performance is good, not the best performance from him. But in my head could this performance be the strongest performance of the night??? I don't think so... The best performance by him is "A Woman's Work". Nothing performance can beat that performance so far.

Crystal Bowersox - Come Together
Wow!! I like Crystal performance tonight and I become more like Crystal now. I think this is my favorite performance for her so far in idol history. She give the additional flavor with didgeridoo, and she got the style when she sang the song. Love it!!!

Casey James - Jealous Guy
This is the best performance tonight and so far this is the best performance by Casey James. Your vocal is great and you show it, you give the great expression to the song, you feel and deliver it. This is my favorite performance from Casey James. Everything is great in this performance. Congratulation for you to give a great progression tonight and well done!!

Tim Urban - All My Loving
Wow I'm surprise with your performance. I think you will doing terrible job week after week, but tonight you give a good performance and I think so far this is not the baddest performance. In my head this the best performance by you since Idol turn to the big stage, however I still more like your "hallelujah" performance. But overall Welcome back Tim!! I hope you can doing well next week too...

Siobhan Magnus - Across The Universe
This performance much much better than what you doing last week. A little bit different with Siobhan style, but it doesn't matter I still can taste your performance. The unpredictable thing is what I love about you Siobhan, so be an unpredictable person because that is your.

Lee Dewyze - Hey Jude
Wow!! you close tonight with unbelievable performance. I'm never thought you will bring someone out behind you. That's an unpredictable thing who give a moment to your performance and I liked what you did. Back to your performance, your performance is a great performance. Even if you not bring that kind a thing, your performance still great. I feel your confidence out right in the beginning when you start singing and it's through till the end of the song. When the thing out too your confidence grow up more!! great job Lee!! keep up the good work and still be consistent.

Who has the strongest performance tonight and become a superstar in this night??
The candidates are Katie, Crystal, Casey and Lee...... and the winner is...


This my rank for TOP 9 performance (Lennon & McCartney Songbooks) :
1. Casey James
2. Crystal Bowersox
3. Lee Dewyze
4. Katie Stevens
5. Siobhan Magnus
That five contestant who had a strong performance in that night and deserve to through to the next round.....

Good performance but not strong enough performance...
6. Michael Lynch
7. Tim Urban

The weak performance of the night and have a big chance to leave the competition...
8. Andrew Garcia
9. Aaron Kelly

Bottom three are Tim, Andrew and Aaron. Although Aaron Kelly I put in the lowest rank, I still don't wanna lose him in this competition. So I hope America give him another shot next week. So let Andrew or Tim leave the competition. Just put Aaron in the bottom three and give him another chance, because this will give him a shock therapy.

Honestly I want Tim out... but Tim performance not very bad tonight. So I think Andrew will be in trouble!!!

Just let see... how gonna happen with the result. Because this season often make a shock result.

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