Thursday, April 29, 2010

American Idol season 9 Result Show TOP 6

Last Thursday American Idol Season 9 held the result show for TOP 6. One of six idol hopeful journey must ended and can’t join into top five. Only just two girl and four guy live in this competition. Who will out??? Girl?? Or guy???

American Idol really really bring country to the idol home. They brought Rascal Flatts, Lady Antebellum, and Sons of Sylvia. Shakira join the party too, but she not a country artist, but it’s okay because she make the idol home more spectacular.

Rascal Flatts become the first performer of the night and performing the song called “Unstoppable”. After that Miss Carrie Underwood present Sons of Sylvia to take the stage. Lady Antebellum performing the smash single called “Need You Now”. The last but not least Shakira close the show with performing “Gypsy” duet with Rascal Flatts.

The show not only give the great performance from great artists, but also fate for this six idol hopeful. When Ryan want to announced the bottom three of the night, he split to the three group. First group include Siobhan Magnus and Lee Dewyze, second group filled by Aaron Kelly and Crystal Bowersox, and the rest Michael Lynch and Casey James in the group three.

After that Ryan grab Siobhan hand and bring her to the group three, so Siobhan join with Michael Lynch and Casey James. They are the bottom three of the night. So Aaron, Crystal and Lee become the top three highest vote of the night.

Mr. Seacrest bring Mr. Lynch to sit because he is save, so leave us with Casey James and Siobhan Magnus for the bottom two of the night. Casey James never in the bottom three, until last week he drop to that zone, not just in the bottom three but directly goes to the bottom two, but luckily he still save last week. This week although Mr. James give the best shot for his performance, but America again put him in the bottom two.

For Siobhan Magnus this is the first time she in the bottom three. In my head she will save and leave us with Michael Lynch and Casey James in the bottom three, but I was wrong. Miss Magnus goes to the bottom two, not just that she must leave the show because she got the lowest number of vote of this week.

So congratulation for Mr. James because he place one spot in the top five with the rest of idol hopeful. And we must say goodbye to Miss Magnus……….

This week Result Show was terrific show, the show bring many great artist to the stage, so I hope next week they bring many great artist again to the show. Spoiler Lady Gaga will perform she newest single “Alejandro”

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