Monday, April 5, 2010

Indonesian Idol TOP 24 Group One Performance

Last Friday, 6 girls and 6 boys has performed. Eight people through to next round and four people leaving the Indonesian Idol show. Two girls are Mela & Doremi, two boys are Bagus & Sanni.

Before I'm talking about four people going out last Friday. I will talking about performance group one based on my standard and my perspective. Not Anang, Agnes, Rossa or Erwin perspective, but my perspective hehe.... ^^

This is what I think about group one performance....

Honestly, I'm not watched 4 people who perform first and they are Keyko, Fauzan, Ica and Michael. I'm just watch the recap performance in the end of performance, so I can't talk lot about them. I watch from Citra performance. So I will give my opinion from Citra performance.

Let's here we go....

Citra - Mau Dibawa Kemana
ArD : You have a unique voice, that's good. That a big asset for you and you must thanks to God about that give. Very unfortunate because you not use your asset with maximum, you sang a little bit pitchy and little bit flat. But it's okay, because you have a quirky thing that I like and I impress that you can change Armada song to Citra style.

Windra - Rindu 1/2 Mati
I'm impress with you because you feel that song with a right feel, great feel and you really can deliver the message from the song. But one thing that I'm not really really like your performance, about the interpretation. You interpretation to that song really same like D'masiv did, I really want if somebody in this competition sing that song give a different interpretation, not same like people dying and so soft like that. Because it's predictable and not make you different and unique.

Bagus - Sejuta Rasanya
Bagus, sound's good, but you like a mime or clown. Very rigid performance. Lack of star presence. So.. your performance like pensi performance and like what people doing in karaoke box. Sorrryy...

Mela - Cindai
Mela you known as melayu singer, but you sing melayu song with not good. Pitchy everywhere and very unfortunate because you have a twisted good melayu. You make a fatal mistake Mela. So in my mind you will be in danger tonight.

Rio - Tak Kan Terganti
Rio definitely you can sing with very very good and I must admit that a good performance, but not my favorite tonight because you sing very technically and very systematic. You have a good damned technique, but the connection with the song very bad. I don't feel anything with that performance, just somebody who can sing very well with nothing special moment.

Tesa - Pandangan Pertama
For the people follow this show from beginning, they would know that you have a great voice. You still have a great voice with that performance, but that performance not make you better. I think you picking a wrong song. This song is so young, youth, have a great beet and you perform with old fashion, old style and you didn't get the beet. I think song from KD, Titi DJ, Ruth Sahanaya or kind like that more suitable for you. But you still have a great voice.

Sanni - Kisah Tak Sempurna
Sanni, when you start singing, you sing very well, but further back you look worse because pitchy everywhere and your confidence is going down not big like when you start to singing. I think you pick a wrong song too, this song is too hard for you. You must pick a song more easier but can give you some moment to remember like Nidji song "Biarlah", or song from Ungu, or maybe song like Ran songs sung by Tesa.
That performance wasn't good and you will be in trouble tonight in my opinion.

Doremi - Teruskanlah
For me this is the best performance tonight then 7 people before you and I must praise you for your courage sing Agnes song in front of Agnes. I think everything right in the pocket, the voice, expression, how you feel that song. everything is great!!!

My Rank for 8 people that I watched, here it is :
1. Doremi
2. Citra
3. Windra
4. Rio
5. Tesa
6. Mela
7. Bagus
8. Sanni

and the result announced....

Bagus, Mela, Sanni & Doremi out from the competition...

For Bagus, Mela and Sanni... Indonesia was correct to choose, they make a right people to going home. But for Doremi... that was a big mistake, She really deserve to be perform in Central Park and compete for the title Indonesian Idol 2010.

So I'm not surprise if this happen because in Indonesian Idol incident like this have often occurred. This far... Indonesia choose with right and I hope Indonesia can doing this until the grand final.

Who four people will follow Bagus, Mela, Sanni and Doremi going home and dream to be a superstar ends??? Don't forget to watch Indonesian Idol this Friday only at RCTI.

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