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20.10 Songs ArD Recommend For You...

20.10 mean 20 International Songs and 10 Indonesian Songs that I recommend for you to have it all or at least you listen to the songs.

All songs ArD recommend for you total is 30. All songs are for accompany you for a month. I hope you like all songs that I recommend for you and can accompany you for one month ahead.

The songs I recommend you not all new. I recommend the old songs too, because that song still good to heard. This is the all songs that I recommend for you :

20 International Songs :
1. Justin Bieber feat Ludacris - Baby
This song I very very recommend for you because this song is very catchy, very groovy and right in the first time I heard this song, I'm directly like it!!

2. Jason Derulo - In My Head
Do you know Jason Derulo?? If u know the song called "Whatcha Say" then you will know Jason Derulo. If u still don't know Jason Derulo, Nah! you must listen to this song and previous song then you will be know Jason Derulo and will be like it!!.

3. B.o.B feat Bruno Mars - Nothin On You
4. David Archuleta - Zero Gravity
This song not include in first album Archie. If you never heard this song, you should!! This song good as previous single from Archie. This song include in Fan Pack Archie Album.

5. Jason Mraz - You and I Both
Song from Jason Mraz always good to listen. If you never heard this song, I recommend you should!! This song is very pleasant to heard. The original and the acoustic both is good n very pleasant to heard. I know n I like this song when Joe Munoz sing this song in American Idol Season 9 TOP 24.

6. Lady Antebellum - Need You Now
This artist not too popular in Indonesia, but in America this artist was very famous. This a country artist because of that not too famous in Indonesia, but Indonesian People and every people around the world... you must listen to this song. Two thumbs up for the song.

7. Train - Hey! Soul Sister
8. Pixie Lott - Gravity

This is the new single from Pixie Lott. The beginning in this song not to good but if you heard goes to the end and again... again... you will like this song!! Nice song from Pixie Lott ^^

9. Danny Gokey - It's Only
This is not the first single from first album Danny Gokey, but for me this song more nice than first single from Danny called "My Best Days Are Ahead Of Me". Don;t forget to listen this song. I like it and I hope you like it too... ^^

10. Taio Cruz feat Ludacris - Break Your Heart
11. Orianthi - According To You

Although this not a new song, but still good to listen!! "According To You" so easy listening and not a song that makes fast bored.

12. Uncle Kracker - Smile
Maybe you know this artist with song called "Follow Me". Now Uncle Kracker has a new single than "Follow Me" called "Smile". You must listen to this song, although the beat not good like "Follow Me", but still nice to heard... ^^

13. John Mayer - Heartbreak Warfare
14. One Republic - All The Right Moves

One Republic has been released new album. If I'm not wrong this is the first single from their second album. Still good to heard but little bit too heavy song. Not easy like "Apologize" but once again still good to heard.

15. The Script - Breakeven
This is the very new single from The Script. The voice of the vocalist The script is so unique and so memorable and also can make a song good to heard. Nice song and very pleasant song to heard.

16. Adam Lambert - Whataya Want From Me
After I recommend the 3rd finalist American Idol season 8, Danny Gokey song. I recommend a runner up American Idol season 9, Adam Lambert. This a third single from his album. After "Times For Miracle" and "For Your Entertainment" for me this is more relevant song for him and more pleasant to heard and I like this song better than previous two single.

17. Greenday - Last Of The American Girls
18. Black Eyed Peas - Rock That Body
Black Eyed Peas is never dies to make a good single who can make a body move and shake ;p. If u search the song can make your body move, listen to this song!!

19. Trey Songz feat Fabolous - Say Aah
20. Selena Gomez and The Scene - Naturally

Rival from Demi Lovato and Miley Cyrus hahaha... I'm just kidding. I said that because Selena, Demi and Miley very often compared. Now Selena show her teeth with "Naturally". Not bad song, nice to heard!! ^^

10 Indonesian Songs :
1. Shanty feat Tompi - Penggoda Cinta (Teaser Love)
This song is so interesting and I very like how Shanty give the color to Indonesia music industry. This color in Indonesia music industry is not an usual thing, but I like the color/type song like this... make your body move!! hehe... I like this song very much, when first time I heard this song... directly I liked it. Tompi make this song sound much better and more pleasant!! Addicted!!

2. Drive - Akulah Dia (I Am He)
After Shanty feat Tompi song. You must listen to this song. Drive with "Akulah Dia" if in english the song called "I Am He". When first time heard this song, In my mind this song sung by J-Rocks, because the song like Japan Rock the type music brought by J-Rocks, but I'm wrong. This is Drive Band ;p

3. Vidi Aldiano - Cemburu Menguras Hati (Jealous Heart Drain)
I like Vidi voice, so good!!... In this song, Vidi show the sensitive side and still good. The asset that he has is relevant to many kind song. Very pleasant song!! you must heard this song!! very recommend hehe ;p

4. Afgan - Cinta 2 Hati (Two Hearts In Love)
The type of song that was carried by Afgan. Very Afgan!! So absolutely good, great and very nice song. Just listen!! I believe if you comfort with Afgan style, you will like this song too.

5. Blackout - Resiko Orang Cantik (Risk of Beautiful People)
If I'm not wrong this is the third single from Blackout. More like able, more pleasant and enjoyable song than "Letoy (Limp)". I feel... more people will love this song because not a song that make fast bored, if I compare to previous single "Letoy (Limp)".

6. Feather Band (The New Peterpan) - Kau Yang Kuinginkan (I Want You)
Are you miss with Peterpan??? They back people!!!. Now they back with new name called Feather Band. Peterpan to Feather Band... What do you think more good?? I think Peterpan more good, but what a name if the musicality bad and not accepted by the people. However I believe this song acceptable to the people. So just listen and enjoy!! If u Peterpan lover, I believe you will be likes this song too and still be the fans of them.

7. Cinta Laura - Cinta atau Uang (Love or Money)
Although this song not out recently, but still good to listen for one month ahead especially for people like me who like pop-R&B type of song and pop-dance type of song. Still recommend for you!! although she looks like Agnes wannabe, but still okay to heard and enjoy.

8. Geisha - Kamu Yang Pertama (You First)
I love the voice of vocalist Geisha. So quirky, unique and so memorable. So I love to listen the voice of vocalist Geisha and I think her voice fit in many kind of music. Enjoy this song!! a different style from Geisha because this is up-beat song.

9. Zigaz - Hidupmu Hidupku (Your Life My Life)
Zigaz is the new comer to be reckoned at the music industry Indonesia. This second single still good, although in my opinion the first single still more good and more pleasant to heard. but this is still nice to heard!!

10. Kerispatih - Aku Harus Jujur (I Must Be Honest)
This is the type of song of Kerispatih. So Kerispatih still in the zone, if u love with this kind of song so you will be likes to listen this song until one month ahead. Hhhmm what will happen with Kerispatih?? because Sammy the vocalist was kicked out from the band?? just wait and see... I hope still good like now.

That's all songs my recommendations for you all until one month ahead!!!
Don't forget to call it with "20.10 ArD Recommendations"-the list song for one month ahead from me ArD.....
It's wrapped!!! see you next month in 20.10 ArD Recommendation for May issue.

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