Friday, April 30, 2010

Miss Magnus Fate Only Reach In TOP 6 AI Season 9

After streak week got a hard comment for all judges, Siobhan Magnus journey must ended in top 6. So leave Crystal Bowersox for the only last girl standing in the competition this season.

In the early of the competition, Siobhan Magnus really really doing good with her performance. I think Siobhan Performance like “Think”, “Paint It Black” and “Superstition” really really terrific performance and very memorable, especially for the scream. Hahaha the scream will be so memorable and the scream really really fit for that three song. That scream make us stunning because she can hit the notes really really high.

She terrific job stop in top 10 when that week is R&B week. All judges hate her performance and I think that performance is the baddest performance from Siobhan. After that performance, Siobhan performance is going down and never great like “Think” or “Paint it Black”. After top 10, Siobhan more n more get a hard criticism for all judges. In the top 10 Siobhan cry because all judges especially Simon so rude to her. Kara really confuse with her because Siobhan never show one special identity, she change week by week and make Kara so confusing.

In the top six, Siobhan performance improve and all judges praise her, but that performance not enough to save her at least for another week. The competition is more difficult and no one want to going home at that time, everybody fight to the limit for join in the top five, everybody show a terrific job in top six and America has decided that Siobhan the one idol hopeful must going home.

From ten performance did by Siobhan Magnus, the best performance for me is between “Think” & “Paint It Black”, It’s hard to pick one!!. I will pick “Paint It Black” but after I heard again Siobhan singing “Think” in last result show, I think the best performance by her is “Think”. The worst performance by Magnus, when she sang "Through The Fire" in R&B week.

Honestly I can’t predict her prospect in the future. Till she out from the competition, we still don’t know what a kind a record she would make. She try many different genre of the song and she can do it well with everything genre of the song. This is will be give her advantage and disadvantage too. The advantage is she very flexible so she can sing everything with very well, but the disadvantage people will hard to understand Siobhan because she didn’t have the specify identity. If I said Taylor Swift, everybody who know her, will said Taylor is a country girl. So what identity will Siobhan pick?? We don’t know until Siobhan answer this, not enough just with the word, but answer with an album.

In my opinion this girl has a great potential to be a great artist, but unfortunately she had a problem with identity crisis (the identity for genre song). So I think after Idol competition she will fight with her identity first, she will doing a very very hard hard work to find her identity. So just pray Siobhan can decided the right identity, which is that identity can bring success to her life.

Siobhan did a really good job with her journey in American Idol. Many people will remember her and also she has a huge fans base. Unfortunately just one problem can’t make Siobhan go to the top five and that is identity. Aaron is a country singer, Michael is a soul R&B singer, Casey is a blouse rock singer, Lee is a pop rock singer and Crystal… she really know what kind a record will make. So what Siobhan?? Pop singer?? Country singer?? Rock?? Soul, blouse or R&B?? honestly I don’t know……

History performance of Siobhan Magnus
TOP 24 - TOP 12 Girls - Wicked Games
TOP 20 - TOP 10 Girls - Think
TOP 16 - TOP 8 Girls - House Of The Rising Sun
TOP 12 - Painted It Black
TOP 11 - Superstition
TOP 10 - Through The Fire
TOP 9 - Across The Universe
TOP 9 - Suspicious Mine
TOP 7 - When You Believe
TOP 6 - Any Men Of Mine

The Best Performance For ArD (Me) : Think
The Worst Performance For ArD (Me) : Through The Fire

Watch this, Siobhan Magnus Curtain Call Video

So Siobhan Magnus good luck to you, you journey so incredible, keep up the good work in your future. My pray always be with you ^^

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