Thursday, April 22, 2010

Idol Gives Back & Result Show For TOP 7

Idol Gives Back Host of course by Ryan Seacrest, but he's not alone. Ryan accompanied by Queen Latifah.

After that this show open by top 12 performance. Happy to see Lacey, Paige, Didi, Andrew and Katie in there. OMG Lacey so sexy and fashionable, Didi so gorgeous, Katie so fabulous, all the girls is beautiful ^^ hehe.....

Jenifer Garner, Victoria Beckham, also participate in Idol Gives Back this year.

Black Eyed Peas perform "Rock That Body", and Fergie is so hot!! ^^. Black Eyed Peas always rock!! although "Rock That Body" a little bit weird singing in live, but BEP always can make a great performance in live, not lipsing, and great stage act performance.

The comedy scene from Eric Estrada for the judges is very funny moment hahahaha...... Very entertaining!!! ^^ XD hahaha

After that comedy scene, Ryan announced the result. First Crystal and Casey head to head, and one of them in the bottom three. As I thought, Casey in the bottom three. After that, turn for Aaron and Lee Dewyze. My feeling is right that Aaron in the bottom three tonight in the Idol Gives Back show.

Joss Stone take a Pasadina stage and show her incredible voice. Great performance from Joss Stone. Huff can't wait to see Carie Underwood performance, I miss her a lot, It's been a long time not see her performance live in the stage.

Morgan Freeman standing in the center of the stage and give the story of Mississippi accompanied with Randy Jackson. In my mind, I never thought in USA have a city like this, because said Mississippi is the poor city. In my head USA doesn't has a poor city, but I'm wrong. Although like that in Indonesia, more many city like that.

After that, Alicia Keys perform. You know what?? When Alicia sing "Empire State of Mind", She give me a goosebumps. She give a great emotion to the song, spectacular performance hehe ^^

Carrie Underwood performance give me a goosebumps again. The song called "Changes" is really really such an inspiration and Carrie sing with great. Great vocal and emotion, Oh! God I love this show so much. Her performance so inspiring!! "Just The Fool Just The Fool, If U Believe Can Change The World"

A funny moment again before result announcing. I don't know the artist, but she funny!!! very entertaining too ^^ hahahahaha

Siobhan, Mike and Tim facing their result in the middle stage. Siobhan save, Mike save and Tim in the bottom three. I really want Siobhan in the bottom three to make her realize she must doing great every week if she really want in this competition until grand final. So although America not agree with me, I hope Siobhan performance is better for next week like "Paint It Black".

David cook back to Idol stage and tell the story when he go to Ethiopia. After break, turn for Annie Lenox to perform. She can't perform live in Pasadina Stage or Kodak Theater Stage. So her performance from video.

"Stairway To Heaven" performed by Mary J Blige, Orianthi, Randy Jackson, Travis Barker and many more artist....... a great collaboration!!!

Kara, Randy and Ellen video already shown, now turn for Simon Cowell. Simon Cowell in season 7 visit New York, USA. Now Simon Cowell visit Douglas, Arizona, USA.

Sir Elton John perform in Pasadina stage. After that, leave us to three people in unsave condition. Casey, Aaron or Tim must leave the show tonight??? After this break.... ^^

The person first save is Aaron. So leave us to Casey and Tim. The one is save and another going home. The person leaving tonight is Tim Urban.

That's all about Idol Gives Back and Result for top 7. After this post I will talk about Tim Urban personally and his journey in American Idol. Don't miss that, okay?? See you soon in the next post.

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