Friday, April 16, 2010

The Journey Has Ended For Two Front Runners In Early Competition

The tittle written like that because that is the true. Andrew Garcia and Katie Stevens was true the front runners in early competition.

I give you the reason, Andrew became a superstar in first day Hollywood weeks with he unforgettable performance "Straight Up". That song sing by Paula Abdul, Andrew remake that song to Andrew version. That performance make all judges love him. For Katie Stevens, Kara said to her "you possible to win this competition". I believe Kara wouldn't said that if Katie doesn't has a great performance. Goes to top 24 this two idol was a front runners.

Now the front runners journey must ended in TOP 9 American Idol Season 9. I can said that Andrew in 9 position and Katie in 8 Position. This two idol can out from the competition because when American Idol goes to live show for the first time, they drop the ball. Andrew and Katie performance in top 24 not really good, goes to top 20 still like that, goes to top 16 the performance still the same not give the progression. So goes to big stage, some fans of them MAYBE turn to another contestant because little bit disappointed about they performance.

This is the different of Katie and Andrew :
- Andrew doesn't show a significant progression in big stage, in my note just one performance that I really remember from him and that is "Forever" by Chris Brown when that song sing in R&B week and mentor by Usher.

 - Goes to the big stage Katie show a significant progression. She is getting better week after week and I think she doing consistency in this show. I remember all her performance because she give a good progression week after week.

After the different, they have a same issue too. The judges especially Simon and Kara make their confuse.....
- For Andrew, the judges didn't like Andrew acoustic performance whereas Andrew really really show that he is an acoustic artist right in first day in Hollywood week, but goes to the live show Kara & Simon hate that performance. That make confuse Andrew. Andrew leave his guitar and just sing, the judges still give the bad comment. At one moment Simon said "you don't know who you are as an artist". When Simon said that, In my mind pop-up "What???", Andrew really know about that. Andrew really really want to be an acoustic artist. The judges not give Andrew a good and right direction, but all judge make Andrew to be somebody else that judges want. That ridiculous!!! Why they not helping the contestant by what they like....

- For Katie, Simon and Kara totally different. Simon want Katie to be Pop-Country singer. Kara see Katie more good in Pop-R&B. I think I agree with Kara, Katie more much better in Pop-R&B. Simon being stubborn in this season and want all contestants follow his direction. I know what Simon said usually true, but not every time. So glad that Katie not intimidated by this situation, Katie better follow herself exactly what Crystal said "I listen to Me". That's a key to be success in Idol stage I think.

This is my opinion for Andrew and Katie :
- For Andrew, Andrew keep doing acoustic thing. That thing can make your performance much better, although you must keep improve your performance when doing acoustic, because sometime your performance so lack of moment and lack of personality. But you acoustic performance so enjoyable and very easy to be liked. Compare to  your performance when you not using guitar, horrible!!, so robotic, very rigid, you have a lot to do in your stage presence, act in the stage to make the "weird thing" more lose.

- For Katie, Katie I don't know that Simon wrong or right, because you never sing a country song. But based on what you did, You looks so good when you sing Pop-R&B. You so comfortable with that style, very enjoy to watch and taste. In my mind, I think you will be great too in Pop-Country, in other word you can sing many genre song not just Pop-R&B or Pop-Country. Like Siobhan said in top 9 performance, the point of Siobhan said is want to be an artist who can sang many different type of song. I think you can be like that too Katie.

For Andrew elimination not shock and very predictable, but for Katie I'm shock again because I really want see her more in this competition. At least, until TOP 5 or TOP 6. But America decision is different again with me.

This season almost same like season 4. In season four, three girl out from the competition by three weeks in the row, after that one guy out and one girl out. Exactly same like this season. In Top 12 Season 4 Lindsay C must out from the competition and season 9 Lacey Brown. Top 11 season 4 lose Mikailah Gordon and season 9 Paige Miles. Top 10 season 4 lose Jessica Sierra and season 9 lose Didi Benami. Top 9 season 4 lose Nikko Smith and Season 9 Andrew Garcia. Top 8 season 4 make Nadia Turne journey ended and season 9 make Kattie Stevens journey ended. Really really same right??? *insane

If next week until big four, all guys is out from the competition and make the big three for two girls and one guy, this season very same like season four. What will happen to this season?? whether same like season four?? just let see ^^

I'm Sorry Goodbye for Andrew Garcia


Kiss Goodbye for Katie Stevens (T-T)

History performance from Andrew Garcia :
TOP 24 - TOP 12 Guys - Sugar We're Going Down
TOP 20 - TOP 10 Guys - You Give Me Something
TOP 16 - TOP 8 Guys - Genie In a Bottle
TOP 12 - Gimme Shelter
TOP 11 - I Heard It Through The Grapevine
TOP 10 - Forever
TOP 9 - Can't Buy Me Love
TOP 9 - Hound Dog

History performance from Katie Stevens :
TOP 24 - TOP 12 Girls - Feeling Good
TOP 20 - TOP 10 Girls - Put Your Records On
TOP 16 - TOP 8 Girls - Breakawau
TOP 12 - Wild Horses
TOP 11 - Big Girls Don't Cry
TOP 10 - Chain A Fool
TOP 9 - Let It Be
TOP 9 - Baby What You Want Me To Do

Good Luck and May God Always Bless You Andrew and Katie

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