Thursday, April 22, 2010

TOP 7 : Inspiration Week Performance

Inspiration week... Wow I will be love with this week, because in this week everybody must show the emotion. If not, that contestant must ready to going home. If you sing an inspiration song with lack emotion or more bad is zero emotion, what are you doing??? with no emotion or connection you can't deliver the great message in the inspiration song, so your performance will be so pointless.

So I hope everybody can sing with tons of emotion and really really connect with the song.

This is the recap performance :

Casey James - Don't Stop
ArD : This week the theme is inspiration. What are you doing?? you doing nothing with inspiration. That performance very lack of emotion, what inspiration would you bring to us with zero emotion??? Nothing!! and very pointless!!. I'm sick of you right now. You back to your comfort zone and going backward after "Jealous Guys" performance. Totally wasn't great performance, you give a bad standard for tonight and I think you will be killed with other performer tonight. Sorry if I must give a rude comment for you!!...

Lee Dewyze - The Boxer
ArD : Lee, I already see Lee can hit the high notes, give a great vocal performance and give a great musicality. Today you show to us, Lee who can sing with full of emotion and really connect with the song. You know what?? that's a great performance. I can feel your connection with the song. I'm not really like with your song choice, but I love with what you did tonight. The emotion is great, great moment in there. I'm proud of you. Great JOB!!!

Tim Urban - Better Days
ArD : Once again not a great vocal performance, I'm not jumping up from the chair with that vocal performance. But once again I said, sometime vocal performance and the technique singing will be a little bit forget when somebody can feel the song, connect with the song, give the emotion to the song and can deliver the message. Full performance you not really connect, but at some moment you connect and deliver the message from the song. And I think you better in zone like this. So for me that good performance not great just good.

Aaron Kelly - I Believe I Can Fly
ArD : I think you in the zone Aaron. First time I like you, when you sing "The Climb" by Miley Cyrus and that song type like inspiration song too. Now you did like that again and I like it. You can hit the high notes and give some emotion, love that. That inspiration. You believe you can fly, I'm too. Great Job!!

Siobhan Magnus - When You Believe
ArD : Siobhan first of all I must appreciate you for picking that song. A huge brave to do that song. Very big song, huge of tons emotion, hard to sing and very risky. No pain no gain, right Siobhan?? so I appreciate for that Siobhan, but whether the result it's worth?? I don't think so. Honestly, I really want not compare you to Whitney and Mariah, they too superb for compare, but I can't because they version is really great and stuck in my mind and really hard to ignore that. So a huge gab in there, not just the vocal but the emotion too. When you can't same the vocal, at least you use the emotion thing to same. With emotion and connection this song can make people cry, think and give the goosebumps, but you didn't. For me you sing quite well and can hit the high notes, So I think you not terrible sing this song, but you have a problem with emotion, not quite well and some moment lack of emotion for this song. Sorry Siobhan, at least your performance not the baddest tonight.

Michael Lynch - Hero
ArD : Moment that I like from your performance, when you goes to the tender moment. That a moment in there because you more connect in that moment. The second moment that I like, in the end of performance. So my point your emotion sometime "on" sometime "off". You show a great singing performance, but once again this week all about inspiration, so you must bring a great tons emotion and you didn't.

Crystal Bowersox
ArD : Crystal, This is what I've been waiting for. Your performance is the perfect performance for this week and for tonight. You show to all your friend how to sing in the inspiration week. When singer show a great vocal performance and show a great emotion, that singer will have a wonderful performance and you doing like that Crystal. You show a wonderful fantastic great vocal performance and tons of emotion too. This is all about for tonight, INSPIRATION and you show to us tonight right in the end of the show, very great moment to close this show. If this the grand final you exactly the champion for this whole competition.

Superstar for tonight one and only Crystal Bowersox... No one can beat her tonight!!! Her performance is so perfect, very gorgeous performance, kind a performance like this who needed for this competition. Congratulation for Crystal!!!

My rank for tonight performance :
Strongest performance tonight....
1. Crystal Bowersox

Still strong performance for tonight and really deserve through to top 6....
2. Lee Dewyze
3. Aaron Kelly

Good and deserve to perform again next week, but still have issue to going home.....
4. Tim Urban
5. Michael Lynch

They are front-runners but going backward tonight, maybe in trouble tonight...
6. Siobhan Magnus
7. Casey James

I think tonight Crystal show to the other contestant to be serious in this show, because if not slowly but sure Crystal will take the title American Idol this year.

Lee show to us, that he must be counted in this show. Week by week he show to us the consistency. He ready to compete Crystal in grand final.

Siobhan Magnus who a real contender for Crystal when big stage show begin, going backward tonight. She pick a big song and she can't handle it. Inspiration need emotion and she give a lack of emotion performance. A lot of think for her if she want to be the winner in this season.

Aaron Kelly show that he can't be underestimate. Tim show he want a little bit longer in this show. Michael still trying to comeback be front-runners. Casey although he never in the bottom three, he ready to going home as soon as possible.

So my bottom three.... based in my analysis for tonight performance Casey James, Siobhan Magnus and another spot between Michael & Tim. But I don't know why, I really worry about Aaron, although for me he is good and strong for tonight, my feeling he will in the bottom three and hopefully he's not going home tomorrow night.

So my bottom three Casey James, Siobhan Magnus and.... Aaron Kelly. That's my first choice. Second choice will be Casey James, Siobhan Magnus and Tim Urban. My third choice will be Casey James, Siobhan Magnus and Michael Lynch.

Definitely I want Siobhan and Casey in the bottom three. For Siobhan this condition just slap her to wake up. She must be serious in this competition and stop showing "I can do this I can do that". This competition more harder and more serious, just show in what zone you really really great, I hope Siobhan back to the game like Siobhan did with "Paint It Black".

For Casey.... I'm totally sick of you and you can't get more chance in this show. So tomorrow night is the perfect time for you to going home. Although you save for another week, next week is the last week for you in this competition, you really don't deserve in the top 5.

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