Sunday, April 11, 2010

Shocking Result!!! Mr. Lynch Must Out From Idol, But Judges Saved Him..

The result show TOP 9 already announced and it's shocking result!!!!.....

First of all, I want talking about guess artist who perform in Idol stage. There are Jason Derulo, David Archuleta and Rihanna. Between three artist, the artist really really stunt me is Jason Derulo, second is David Archuleta and third is Rihanna.

I don't really like Rihanna performance because the song she sang I'm not liked it, I prefer she sang "Rude Boy" or "Russian Roulette". David Archuleta back to the Idol stage and sing the ultimate song from John Lennon "Imagine". This song is ultimate performance for David Archuleta, because he looks so good when sing this song. Both are very good both in Season 7 American Idol TOP 12 as well as the present.

But for me... Jason Derulo performance is the best performance between guess artist performance. He show everything. He show the voice, the dance, the style, the stage presence, the act etc... and the important thing is I like the song choice, he choice "Whatcha Say" and "In My Head" both songs I liked it so much especially for "In My Head". I'm not expect that Jason Derulo performance will be great like that and Simon also like that performance. You know what?? Jason Derulo is Kara Dioguardi artist, She is very proud of Jason. Kara Standing ovation for him.

Okay now it's time to talking about the result.....

First Ryan bring three girls left in the competition to the center of the stage. I really worry with Katie, I don't want she in the bottom three again. Especially after she great performance with "Let It Be". First result announced and Crystal saved, after that Ryan announced that Siobhan and Katie also saved for another week.

So only 6 left boys waiting for the result. Ryan split to the two group. Left group filled by Lee, Casey and Tim. Right group filled by Michael, Aaron and Andrew. One of these group is bottom three of the night.

I already know the result because the stupid thing that I did, I accidentally entered the American Idol site, I'm forgot show in USA more fast than show in Asia, because of that I know the result.

Although I know the result that Michael Lynch out and saved by the judges, the result still interesting for me because I still don't know who two contestants accompany Michael Lynch in the bottom three and how can the judges saved Michael Lynch and how the reaction of all contestant and audience about this saved episode, because when Matt G saved by the judges that a great episode so warm elimination, I still remember that moment.

Based on this group, I know and I think everybody know that right group will be in bottom three, because it can be predict that Andrew and Aaron will in danger position and Michael also have a chance to go in there than Lee or Casey because Lee and Casey have more strong performance than Michael. Tim bring a good performance last night, same strong like Michael performance and also everybody know that Tim have a big fan based and big support from VFTW (Vote For The Worst). Ryan asking Ellen and Ellen answer like me too, but after Ellen got boo.. from the audience she pick the left group because she said this is horrible situation.

Ryan announced the result. Right group is bottom three of the night. After that, Aaron save for another week and leave us to the two father Michael and Andrew. The result is announced Michael is out the competition. This is a shocking result, although I already know from the site, this still a shocking result.

I never thought that Michael Lynch journey will end this so fast. I know it's really for Michael to go through in top five although based on talent he really deserve in top five. But this show not only about talent but fans based too, when I see the polling in the internet, vote for Michael is very small and it happen in the real world. Michael must out in top 9.

After that result, Michael sing for fight his journey in Idol. He sing song "A Woman's Work". When he sing this song, he reach the best performance and until now Michael performance never beat "A Woman's Work" performance. After he sing that song with the same great when he sing the first time in TOP 16, Simon bring the result and it's a good news "see you next week".....

Fiuhhh!! I relief that Michael saved by the judges for another week. Michael should bring the best performance next Tuesday, because if not big chance he will out from the competition again. Andrew and Aaron will be in trouble too if they performance not improve in this week. Tim will be in trouble too because if he back to bad performance he has a big chance to leave the competition because two contestants will out. Katie Stevens can also out from the competition because she got two times in bottom three, that indicate that Katie fans not too strong. For the four left Crystal, Siobhan, Casey and Lee who never in the bottom three will be out next week.

My point is no one is save, although someone bring great performance, they not safe. They need your vote, especially after judges save Michael, no one can save by the judges again. So now just based on your vote America. The lowest vote will going home. Two contestants will out in TOP 9 again next Wednesday.

Based on progression, I make the prediction, and this is my prediction.
This four contestants have a big chance to leave the competition Wednesday night :
1. Andrew
2. Aaron
3. Tim
4. Michael

That four people have a big chance out because they progression so slow and for initial A contestants are going backward.

Don't forget to watch Idol show in Tuesday & Wednesday for American People but for Asian People don't forget to watch in STAR WORLD. TOP 9 performances again in Wednesday night @5PM, 7PM and 11PM for WIB and result show in Thursday night @5PM, 7PM, and 11PM for WIB only in STAR WORLD.

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