Friday, April 23, 2010

The Journey Must Ended For The Underdog "Tim Urban"

Tim Urban journey in American Idol Season 9 must ended in the top 7. Occupy seven position in this competition, that's a achievement for him and Tim must proud to himself. Tim being underdog since TOP 24 began and he very underestimated in this competition.

The truth is Tim not through to top 24. The judges not pick him to join the other idol in top 24, but still remaining 1 position. So the producer call Tim and tell him that Tim will perform in top 24.

In the first live show, Tim sang "Apologize" from One Republic. All judges didn't like Tim performance, include me because nothing special with Tim performance and very ordinary with too much falseto.

Go to second week, He improve the performance. At this moment, we have the moment that you can't forget. That moment is when Ellen go to the stage and hug Tim, unusual moment haha.....

Go to third week, This is one of the best performance by Tim Urban whole history American Idol. Tim sang "Hallelujah" and all judges also me (ArD) love him performance.

But after that everything goes wrong and become more terrible nightmare. Go to the big stage and began with TOP 12. Tim performance drop again to be the baddest performance of the night with "Under My Thumb".

TOP 11, not a significant progress. He show a interest stage act with slide down on the stage and make him not a boring person and show Tim personality. But this singing competition and what Tim doing is pointless. The slide down Nothing help him, the whole performance still bad. But not the baddest because Paige performance more bad than him.

TOP 10, with "Sweet Love". He show the improvement and give the progress, but not too much if I must compare to the progress from other idol. The performance just sweet and very save with nothing wow moment, in other word no special moment in there.

TOP 9 perform "All My Loving" and now honestly I don't remember this performance. Just one thing I know he not the baddest of the night. He keeps show the progress, although just a little progress.

Elvis week will be the best week for Tim Urban. He pick the right song, he mentored by Adam Lambert and give a good advise for him. So this performance is the best performance so far in Tim journey on American Idol. He show the sweetness, tender moment, and he can feel the song, the emotion I like it!!!..... What a best moment for Tim in Idol history. Of course all judges love Tim performance and Simon praise him with word "from zero to hero".

TOP 7 "Inspiration Week". Tim sang "Better Days" from Goo Goo Dolls. For me He sang pretty well, but in this condition "pretty well" not enough to going through next round. He still have an issue to going home. Although not the baddest performance of the night, Tim journey must ended in top 7. A huge achievement for him!! congratulation Tim!!! you should be proud to yourself to made it this far and of course must thanks to your fans and people who vote you in this competition.

My advise and my opinion for him. Your career not in music industry, it will be so difficult for you to conquer the music industry. Not many male singer can conquer the music industry, with your capability I don't think you can survive in music industry. You can sing but I don't think you can have a big huge career in music industry. I think don't take a broadway too because your capability wasn't good enough for that industry.

The industry fit for you is like Zac Efron did. Being an actor or model who can sing and can dance and perform in the musical movie. So you can keep singing and you can sell your advantages like good looking face and good taste in style. You love to entertain the audience, like what you did with the slide down. So Zac Efrron world is the suit industry for you, I mean modeling and acting with singing are the most suit industry for you Tim.

So Good Luck for you Tim!!! I hope you can pursuit your dream in this world and still be who you are. I hope we can see you again in the entertainment world.

and one thing I will and we will miss about Tim is...... Tim smile. Nobody in this competition I think or this season who smile a lot like him. When judges gives a hard criticisms to him, he can keep smile like get the good news. Kara also said "Why are you smile??" when he get the bad criticism from Kara. Hahaha We will miss your smile Tim!!! Thanks for make many people upset to you because you're not out with so fast in the competition, also thanks to you for entertaining this program and color this program with your smile and nice personality.

History of Tim Urban performance :
TOP 24 - TOP 12 Guys - Apologize
TOP 20 - TOP 10 Guys - Come On Get Higher
TOP 16 - TOP 8 Guys - Hallelujah
TOP 12 - Under My Thumb
TOP 11 - Crazy Little Thing Called Love
TOP 10 - Sweet love
TOP 9 - All My Loving
TOP 9 Again - Can't Help Falling In Love
TOP 7 - Better Days

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