Saturday, April 3, 2010

Benami Leave The Show... and Make Me Cry, Cry and Cry..

The Result of TOP 10....
Didi Benami Left The Show... 

 Hiks hiks hiks (T.T)

Honestly I didn't watched full episode of American Idol top 10 result show. I just watched part by part and I got the sad result show again.

Didi Benami is one of my favorite since the audition. I've got four people who I'm fall in love since audition, and they are Ashley Rodriguez (1st), Didi Benami (2nd), Aaron Kelly (3rd) and John Park (4th). My 1st favorite out in top 24, My 4th favorite out in top 16. So just two people left in my favorite pocket. Now Didi left, so just the one and only Aaron Kelly in my favorite pocket since audition. This is so sad....hiks hiks

Go to top 24, I believe Didi Benami has a chance to win this competition. "Terrified" performance in Hollywood weeks so awesome and make all judges impress to her. After that, she turn backward. Her performance in top 24 very ordinary, go to top 20 all judges hate her performance, and finally in top 16 she can make all judges smile and also feel happy about her performance. In this time, I force myself to believe that she still can take the title, although honestly I doubt her to win. But c'mon my favorite just two, Didi and Aaron, so I must force myself to still believe to her.

In top 12, I really happy because with "Play With Fire", she can make all judges happy. Go to the top 11, again all judges give a hard criticism to her. In top 10, all judges more give the hard criticism to her.

After her performance in TOP 10, I still believe that she will have a chance one more week in this competition to prove she deserve in this competition and show to people of America that she can perform great like "Terrified" in hollywood.

My feeling become worry when I know lot people predict her will out the competition. Not just people but the expert from magazine and something like that very lot Didi will out the competition. I still can't accept that, because Didi not the worst for me. Tim and Siobhan also have a bad performance, so there still a chance one of them out.

But after I thinking again... Tim have a big fans base and also supported by vote for the worst. Siobhan also have a big fans base and she's the one of the few contestant can compete Crytal for the title. So OMG Didi in danger!!! after my feel so worry about her and turned out very well. Didi leave the show and heading to going home, whoahhh that so sad result!!!

Although I know she probably out from the competition, I still deny it, because I really want she got another chance at least one week to prove that her can bring a great performance in Idol Big Stage like she did in Hollywood Weeks with "Terrified".

But the result already announced and happen. Inevitably I must accept this result with a sad and a small heart....

Didi I still your fans, although your not longer in this competition and get the title Rank 10 in season 9, I still your fans.

Didi you have a great voice and you got the quirky voice too. Like I said to Paige and Lacey too, Keep doing this Didi. You have an assets, although should be more polished. You have a great personality too, I like your sensitive side, that bring a color to this season American Idol and make this season more colorful. You leave the show, so people will miss your personality and persona.

Keep true to yourself Didi and be what you want to be ^^
Don't follow the judges if you think they give you a wrong direction. Also don't get confuse, follow Crystal just listen to herself (yourself) when the judges give you a different advice and make you confuse what advice you must follow.

Just one thing you should know, what judges said about your performance "Terrified" that was true. Just remember that perform again and make performance like that, that will be selling performance.

Wish u all the best for you, Didi ^^

My best pray always be with you. I hope I will see you make an album and bring more color to world music industry.

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First Cut Hollywood Weeks - Terrified song by Kara DioGuardi
TOP 24 - TOP 12 Girls - The Way I Am
TOP 20 - TOP 10 Girls - Lean On Me
TOP 16 - TOP 8 Girls - Rhiannon
TOP 12 - Play With Fire
TOP 11 - You're No Good
TOP 10 - What Becomes Of The Broken Hearted

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Kepp going Didi!!! ^^



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