Friday, April 23, 2010

Indonesian Idol Workshop 4

8 Indonesian Idol contestant compete again this Friday. 23 April 2010 two people must out from the competition, one girl and one guy. Who will out?? let's check this out.....

This is my review for workshop 4 :

Ica - Kekasih Yang Tak Dianggap (Lovers Who Can Not Be Considered)
ArD : Hhhmm.. Based on vocal, I think you deserve through to the next round because I think one of the best vocal among all the contestants in this competition. But that performance I don't feel that a great performance and the best performance from you, because I feel nothing special with that performance. The emotion you give not strong enough for me because I'm not connect with you moreover goosebumps. So I don't know that performance is strong enough for tonight?? Let see...

Rio - Seprauh Jiwaku Pergi (Half My Soul Away)
ArD : Your performance is like Ica. Based on vocal and technique, that's great and I think you are the best in all male contestant based on vocal and technique. This song is so deep and have a great emotion, but your emotion is nothing. At some moment you like too much thinking and not just feel the song. Let your heart spoken... Use your heart when singing then you will be a great singer. Your problem still the same like last week zero emotion, you must work hard for that Rio, because you have a great potential to win this competition.

Igo - Ya...ya...ya (Ya...ya...ya...)
ArD : I think your performance seems alright, okay and save. At least, You bring a great energy to the song and I think everybody can feel your energy. But I have an issue for you too, you must control your emotion because goes to the end your emotion uncontrolled, so impact to your vocal performance. Your energy is going high then you improvement too much and when you move your vocal not stable. Other than that, everything seems good.

Keyko - Hati Yang Kau Sakiti (Heart That You're Hurt)
ArD : You can feel the song? Yes! You voice good? Yes! and I think your voice is unique, when you singing there is something can catch my attention, I don't know what but that's good and natural talent. Keep doing good in there. But for me your singing not to smooth, when you hit the high notes, it shocked me because before you hit the high notes you sing so slow,so soft and become loud with so fast. It's disturbing Keyko and it happen for couple times. Improve in that part!!

Zulfa - Jika Cinta Dia (If Love Him)
ArD : Zulfa, This song seems easy but hard to sing. I think you handle with good, but not enough for tonight Zulfa. The bad part is when you start singing, it feel shaky and not good to hear. The best moment when you hit the high notes, that the best moment. So I think you must more brave when sing this song, raises the key, and hit all the high notes and I believe you can more good handle the low notes. Not good performance from you, but you still my favorite.

Ray - Biarkan Aku Jatuh Cinta (Let Me Falling In Love)
ArD : Ray that performance is better better much million better than your last week performance. You emotion more good, you sing more good, and it feels different. Everybody knows this ST12 song, but you singing with a different style. You give a Ray touch and totally disagree with Rossa, you not captivated with ST12 style. You be yourself in this song. That's good and The best performance so far!!!

Michael - Pemujamu (Your Admirer)
ArD : Michael, so far just two people in this tonight show singing up-tempo song, you and Igo. Igo give more energy than you, and sorry to say Igo beat you. Very ordinary performance, no energy in there, you just sing well the song and make your performance a good karaoke show. Very karaoke performance. You're going backward Michael.

Mona - Aku Harus Jujur (I Must Honest)
ArD : Mona, I like many thing about you Mona. You beautiful, you sing with good, But the most thing I like about you is how you feel the song and interpretation the song, it so great. Because of that your dynamic to the song become great too. That's a perfect performance to close this show and also the best performance tonight. So if you going home tonight, I will shock!!!!!!

So that's my review and the superstar for tonight show is.............


My rank for tonight performance :
1. Mona
2. Ray
3. Keyko
4. Rio
5. Igo
6. Ica
7. Zulfa
8. Michael

So two person must going home tonight are Michael and Zulfa, based on tonight performance. But honestly I don't want both of them out from this competition, so my second choice for two people out tonight are Igo & Ica.

The commercial break is too long!!!! (>.<)

Rio is the first contestant facing the result. And Indonesia choose, Indonesia agree with all judges, you through....

Next, Mona and Keyko. Okay and Indonesia choose, Mona Indonesia very like your performance, Congratulation we meet in the another round. Keyko sorry you must wait first.

Ray calling to the center of the stage and accompany with Keyko. Indonesia choose, Ray sorry you must wait like Keyko.

Michael goes to stage and standing there with Keyko and Ray. All judges predict Michael going home, Although Agnes with the subjective view really don't want Michael going home tonight.

So Daniel promise will tell quickly the result. Ray Indonesia choose you through to the next round. Keyko and Michael whether both of you must going home tonight?? Keyko sorry to make you wait so long, you save to the next round. Michael Indonesia choose, you must waiting.

Zulfa join Michael in the center of the stage.

Igo and Ica called by Daniel and join in the center of the stage with Michael and Zulfa.

(This four contestant who I predict, two of them will out yes!!! my prediction right again tonight!!!, yes!!!)

Michael I'm very sorry to make you waiting so long said Daniel and Indonesia choose Igo to going through to the next round, so Michael your journey must ended tonight. Indonesia choose...... Ica you through to next round, Zulfa your fighting must ended tonight.

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