Friday, April 9, 2010

Indonesian Idol Group 2 Recap Performance

Friday, 9 April 2010 Indonesian Idol group 2 must perform. Two girls and two boys from this group will out from the competition, so their dream will end tonight. Who will out?? and who will through??? Just let see..... ^^

Tonight we not see Rossa. Rossa replaced by Melly Goeslaw as guest judges for tonight. Anang, Agnes and Erwin still sit there and accompany Melly Goeslaw to judge all contestants in group two tonight.

This is My recap performance for 12 contestants in group 2 Indonesian Idol :

Igo - Tak Lekang Oleh Waktu
(Sorry I'm not watched his performance ;p) But when I see the recap, I think he has a good performance. Not bad, so still good to save for another week/round. Hahaha.. I'm wrong, All judges hate him performance. Just see the recap not enough to judge hahaha ;p

Andi - Meraih Mimpi
When you start singing you bring a great emotion. Goes to the end that emotion is fade. Your performance is going down and you more looks bad. Sorry... I think that performance not strong enough for tonight.

Diana - Kapan Lagi Kau Bilang I Love You
Diana you're still my favorite. I love your voice so unique and the sing technique was so good. However I have an issue for you too, I think part of the end of the song you can do more more on that. I think Agnes right, if you put more emotion, that performance will be so excellence!!

Dea - Perih
Dea... this song is too easy for you. So definitely you sang good. This song is sweet and soft, but you give the different interpretation and I like that. But I must a little bit agree with Anang because sometimes you sound so rigid. So I'm not 100% agree with Agnes who said you perfect, I think that's not perfect performance just good performance from Dea.

Fendi - Status Palsu
You looks so comfortable on that stage and that's good. You sing well too Fendi, you get the groove of the song, you show your personality and you have the good arrangement too who make your performance looks much better. But you must improve in dynamics and the technique in singing. Overall that performance is very enjoyable and so easy to be liked.

Orin - Pernah Muda
Orin you will be in trouble tonight... You pick a wrong song, wrong arrangement, everything is wrong in that performance. Very very not good performance.

Gilang - Wajahmu Mengalihkan Duniaku
Gilang, you pick a song like Fendi, beet song and very fun song to sing, but I more fun and more enjoy see Fendi performance. Based on voice you won than Fendi, You have a great voice and that's a gift from GOD. But you not use in the maximum way. Your improvisation "Lebay" in English mean too much and make uncomfortable to heard. Not good Gilang.

Zulfa - Kasih Putih
This song is very very fit to your voice. For me that the best performance so far. If I must respond to Melly comment, I think so far none contestants can feel the song with great especially for ballad song. So that a homework for all contestants in this show.

QZ - Hampa Hatiku
Very entertaining. The best moment in your performance when you sing a rap part. After that I'm not really really like. At least you have a great personality and you show that. That performance is different and you give a huge memorable moment to audience, but the audience will love it or hate it. Just let see....

Ray - Dealova
For me I like and so fall in love with your voice. You're so different and approximately your style same like Diana. Not so great performance Ray, but I still want see you in the next round. Your voice is so interesting and we will see whether Indonesia will love it or hate it.

Mona - Jujur Aku Tak Sanggup
So far you're appreciation to the song is the best. I like and I love how you feel the song, It's great!! and that was I've been looking for in this night show and you gave me, Thank you!! For me sometime you heard not to smooth, but you can cover that with your appreciation. Great job n well done Mona!!

Eza - Lelaki Hebat
You're not relaxed when you sing, a little bit rush for me. So I'm not really enjoy with that performance and 100% agree with Erwin Gutawa not great closing performance. At least you pick a right song so you can show your personality on that stage, and everybody will love you because you're background and your personality. So a big chance for you to stay in this competition because your not two baddest performance too.

Superstar for tonight show goes to..... Hhhhmmmm Diana, Dea, Zulfa or Mona...... Not Dea.... Not Diana.... So between Zulfa or Mona.... Hhmm this is hard................. Sorry Mona... I will give the crown to

This is my rank for group two performance in Indonesian Idol 2010:
1. Zulfa
2. Mona
3. Diana
4. Dea
5. Fendi
6. Ray
7. Eza
8. Igo
9. QZ
10. Gilang
11. Andi
12. Orin

For two girls out tonight must be Orin and QZ. For the boys, honestly I don't care who will out because all boys beaten by four girls (Zulfa, Mona, Diana and Dea). No boys can beat that four girls tonight and all boys have a reason to out from this competition.

If I must split. In the boys group, I think Igo has the best performance, although I'm not watched his performance, but video recap from him good. Hahahaha I'm wrong Igo hasn't the best performance. I'm must pull back my word hahahaha, because all judges hate him performance. If all judges hate him performance moreover me.

So the boys I want see in the next round are Fendi and Ray. For Eza, Igo, Gilang and Andi.... I don't care who will out... So I hope two boys will out between them (Eza, Igo, Gilang and Andi).

This post not finish yet... still more to come!! for the result tonight show ^^

I continue this post hihihi... ;p

Diana & Ray Save!!!! yeayyyyy both of them save!!!! yippiee!!!

So far my prediction right... and the result is good!! ^^

Now Dea.... Save!!! She Save!!! Yihaaa She save hahahaha....

Still right hehehe ;p

Zulfa... Save!! she must save!!! (before result announced)................
Orin call by Daniel and join Zulfa in the stage.... Orin going home!! she must going home... (before result announced) XD XD

Four judges said Orin out!!! yeayyy!!! dag dig dug dag dig dug dag dig dug....... Duaerr!!! yeayyyy Orin out!!! yuhuuuu..... and Zulfa save hihihihi

So far so good neghh!! ^^

Gilang, Andi, Igo..... After this breakkk... jiahh :( :(

still waiting for the result...... and... Andi you're going home tonight!!! Igo n Gilang save....

Mona, QZ, Eza, and Fendi...... QZ and Eza out!!! must out!!!!(before result announced).... Mona see you in the next round & QZ sorry you're journey stop here!!! hahahahaha....

My prediction 75% right!!! yeyeyeyyyaaaahhh XD XD

Leave us to Eza & Fendi...... Who will out??? Eza!!! Eza out!!!! (before result announced)..................

Agnes pick Eza and Melly pick Fendi for going home tonight....

Indonesia has been voted and........ Fendi Indonesia not agree with... Melly!! yeayyyyy Fendi save!!!! so... Eza must going home

Yiippiieeee my prediction 100% true & right!!!! woohhooooooo... Excellent!!
Orin, QZ, Andi & Eza going home.. and will be battle in Wildcard round...

Okay enough for talking Indonesian Idol today.
See you again in my next post or my Indonesian Idol post.

Enjoy my post and hopefully you enjoy Indonesian Idol show too...
I'm ArD sign out from this post!!! ^^ bye bye hehehe ;p

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