Thursday, April 29, 2010

American Idol TOP 6 Shania Twain Songbooks Review

No more than a month we will see who the winner of American Idol Season 9, because of that we more close to the top two of this season. Now in this competition six idol hopeful still compete to get in the top 5. There are Aaron Kelly, Casey James, Crystal Bowersox, Lee Dewyze, Michael Lynch and Siobhan Magnus. Many prediction said that Crystal, Lee and Siobhan will be in top three and make Aaron, Casey and Michael in the bottom three of the competition right now, but this is true?? I don't know and everybody don't know too, just time will answering that.

This week they all sing from Shania Twain songbooks. That beautiful lady of course be a mentor for this six idol hopeful. She is a good mentor and give a good advise. When American Idol bring Shania again to this competition, I remember when she join to be a judges in Chicago audition, and what moment I remember?? when she got awkwardly when John Park doing the audition. Hahaha that was funny moment, and the moment you will remember hahaha so funny moment and unforgettable moment.

So this is the review of six contestant in this week :

Lee Dewyze - You're Still The One
Lee change the song to be his own song and that's great!!. One another best performance from Lee by my opinion. He not just change the song to be his own song, he sang very well, and he emotion to the song very good too, really connect to the song. A way great job for him!!!

Michael Lynch - It Only Hurts When I'm Breathing
He's back to the game not just back but give the best performance too since "A Woman's Work" performance. This is for me the second best performance by Michael Lynch in this whole history competition. Sing with very well and really connect to the song, and also he change the song to be his own song (R&B and soul song), that's great performance by Michael. I love Big Mike performance when he goes to tender moment, he really really get the moment. Really really soul and R&B artist!!

Casey James - Don't
Casey lately lack of emotion and last week He got a slap from people of America, because Casey goes to the bottom two. Before last week Casey always save and never in the bottom three, but last week people in America give a shock therapy for Casey for put him in the bottom two. This week performance one another best performance by Casey James after "Jealous Guy". The sensitive side and emotion when sing the song is the asset for him too not just great guitar player. Everybody know that Casey a great guitar player and now he must use the sensitive side, emotion and the connection to the song in this competition, because in this way Casey performance more good, and more like able by the audiences. If Casey show the performance like this again and again, I think he can beat Siobhan to go in top three.

Crystal Bowersox - No One Needs To Know Right Now
This is the simple performance by Crystal so far in this competition. If Simon hate it, I love it!!. This is simple performance but look so classy performance. It's very enjoyable, like able and very listening. In this performance Crystal show a great musicality from her. In the past week she show a great vocal, great emotion, great arrangement and now she show her great musicality. Just simple performance but make her performance so classy for me and very like it and hard to forgettable that performance. One of another performance from Crystal that I liked it!!

Aaron Kelly - You've Got a Way
For me this is the best performance from Aaron. I agree with Simon last couple week Aaron performance is hard to be liked and to be loved. Now he performance is so good, he connect to the song and really nail it. This week is the perfect week for him and he not drop the ball, he give a best shot in his perfect week. Perfect song choice, singing very well, the connection is so good, everything is so good. Great job Aaron!!! I hope you can through to next round A.K.A Top 5. You go boy!!

Siobhan Magnus - Any Man of Mine
I like Siobhan performance. This is the first time I see Siobhan walking around the stage and look very comfortable with this big stage. I really enjoy with this performance. An issue for her is.... at sometime she connect with the song, but sometime she lost the connection too. Because of that make Siobhan performance the baddest if I must compare to the other in my opinion. Not just that the screaming part not make her performance to be more great too and not make a WOW moment too, because that screaming not too smooth.

Hard to choose the best performance of the night, because everybody doing good tonight and everybody deserve in the top five.

So my superstar for tonight between Casey James, Michael Lynch and Aaron Kelly. It's hard to choose but I must. I pick him to be the best performance because this person is my last favorite in this competition and finally he's doing great with his performance and for me now he really deserve to get the throne of this week. So my pick goes to..........


My Rank for tonight performance :
1. Aaron Kelly
2. Michael Lynch
3. Casey James
4. Crystal Bowersox
5. Lee Dewyze
6. Siobhan Magnus

So who will out?? Honestly I don't know and I can't make a prediction. This is so hard... OMG!!!!. Based on performance, I'm not crazy about Siobhan performance, so I think Siobhan will be in trouble. Although I put Siobhan in the six place, I don't think she will leave the competition, because Siobhan has a big fans base.

But I think this week all about fans base. we will see who contestant have the huge fans base. More huge the fans base, chance in to top 5 more big.

six people in this competition have a great capability to go in to top 5. Everybody deserve in that spot, because everybody already show their best performance in this competition.

So America people will have a hard time to decided who contestant not deserve in the top five. Whether Aaron Kelly not good enough in the top five?? or Casey James will get the surprise result?? or People of America dislike with Crystal Bowersox simple performance?? or Lee Dewyze will treated like a loser?? or Michael Lynch will taste the second elimination?? or the quirky girl Siobhan Magnus will get dizzy with the result??

Don't forget to catch up the result show in Starworld @5PM WIB (Asian People)

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