Monday, April 26, 2010

Terrified Song, Who Version Is Better?

Do you know song called "Terrified"??? I know this song when American Idol contestant singing this song in Hollywood week and performing great with this song. When Didi sang this song, I think this song original singing by Kara DioGuardi, but I'm wrong. Terrified song is for runner up American Idol season 5 Katharine McPhee new album called "Unbroken".

Terrified song written by Kara DioGuardi and CoWritten by Jason Reeves. So far based on my knowledge this song already sung by three great artist, like of course Katharine McPhee, Kara DioGuardi with Jason Reeves and the last but not least Didi Benami.

Do you ever listen to the song?? If u never listen to the song.... I will give the video from all of them. Just check this out.......

For Katharine McPhee I give you two video, first is studio version and second is live version....
Katharine McPhee - Terrified

Kara DioGuardi - Terrified

Didi Benami - Terrified

So what do you think??? who version is good??

Basically the song is already good. So if someone can sing, they can make this song sounded good too, because once again the song is a great song. Great lyric, great music, another great song from Kara DioGuardi.

So for me who version is the best??? as I said before the song is already great, so basically Katharine, Kara and Didi performing so good with this song. But if I must choose.............

For Me... Didi Benami version is the best because she change a little bit arrangement to make the song become more fast. Because of that the song more catchy and groovy. Also Didi voice is very fit to the song than Kara n Katharine.

I'm not said Kara and Kath version bad, they version still good but Didi version is better version...... ^^

My second choice is... this is hard, but my choice goes to Kara. Kara and Jason Reeves performing this song with just guitar, and I think this song more good if the guitar instrument more sounded. Version of Kara is not slow like Katharine version and fast like Didi version. In the middle, because of that I still can get the catchy and groovy thing from this version.

My third choice is Kath version. I still big fans of her and still love and like her version. Her version more slow and more romance, so if you're the person love the slow and romance song, you will be like this version from Katharine McPhee. Because personally I more interested with groovy and catchy song so I more like Didi and Kara version than Kath version.....

So what do you think??? who version better for you??? Leave your comment okay?? ^^

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