Friday, April 16, 2010

Indonesian Idol Workshop 3

Indonesian Idol show again this Friday @09.00 PM....

This is my recap performance for tonight show... :

Tesa - Matahariku (My Sun)
I'm not watching Tesa performance, but see from what people said and look in the video performance recap... I think she has a great performance.

Gilang - Malam Biru (Blue Night)
ArD : I have a good point and a bad point for you. The bad point is your interpretation is same with Sandhy Sandoro. Sandhy Sandoro is one my favorite artist and he is a great artist for me. So if somebody sing Sandhy's song, I want that person give something different because if somebody doing like Sandhy, it's hard to beat Sandhy, this song is very Sandhy style. You sing like Sandhy, your appearance in the stage like Sandhy, everything seems like Sandhy style. So you becoming Sandhy Sandoro wannabe and I didn't liked that because lack of originality. But the good point is you sing better than last week, more save, more catchy and not too much pitchy. At least there was progress.

Windra - Isabella
ArD : When Mela sing melayu song, she failed to sing good. I'm little bit worry with you, but you doing well Windra. What I liked about you is your voice is so unique and that a huge asset for you, because of that too you can be remembered by Indonesian people. But For me that performance not so great, too flat and very save for you. 100% agree with Agnes, because your last performance good we want more from you. Overall just ordinary performance for me....

Citra - Karena Kucinta Kau (Because I Love You)
ArD : No doubt your voice is great, very unique and I love your voice and also your one of my favorite in this competition. But I'm not the fans with that performance. You sing so relax, very enjoy in that stage, and can make your own version. But your performance too flat and at the end of the part you didn't get the peak of the song. This song have a peak and when you hit that peak that will awesome, but you didn't. You better sing L.O.V.E like what you did after your performance.

Fauzan - Terserah (Whatever)
ArD : Fauzan very stiff. You sing the song well, but you didn't get the emotion. Last week Melly said, Glenn is the person who sing with full of emotion, so the song become like that too. You sing with lack of emotion, so make you looks so robotic. Your act stage is so terrible too, very stiff!! everything is very stiff!!

Dea - Masih Cinta (Still in Love)
ArD : I know you will be great sing Kotak song, but what I'm worried is can Dea out from Tantri style?? I'm glad you can. At some point you get caught in Tantri style, but lot of moment you out from Tantri style and being yourself. That's great and hot performance from you. The best performance so far!!!

Fendi - Buka Hatimu (Open Your Heart)
ArD : You sing a little bit forcing. Pasto right.. you can make the song sounded good, but I think your voice not enough to sing this song. 100% agree with Agnes, focus in your strong zone and don't try to another zone just to prove that you can. This song not fit for you, you much better pick song like last week, the song who can make you look much better.

Diana - Harmoni Cinta (Harmony Love)
ArD : Not good like last week, but still hot performance for tonight show. Because you're different and I like the different thing. I think you deserve go to the next round. I pray the best for you Diana!!!

So superstar for tonight is..... nobody can beat her tonight!! Congratulation for....


My rank for tonight performance :
1. Dea
2. Tesa (Maybe)
3. Diana
4. Gilang
5. Citra
6. Windra
7. Fendi
8. Fauzan

So based on tonight performance, I don't want one girl to going home. Every girl deserve go to the next round. Hufff but if I must choose, I pick Citra to going home with very hard because I love her and like her so much hiks hiks hiks... T.T

For the boys, Againn.. I don't care who will out from the competition. Nobody from the boys performance go to my favorite pocket. So anybody out I really don't care. But based on my analysis I think Gilang deserve go to the next round, because he show the progression tonight. Windra keep steady. Fendi going backward and Fauzan who has a good voice character is ready to going home. I think for the boys Fauzan should leave the competition because very robotic performance.

Melati moment hahahaha that was fun to watched!!! ^^

Now this the result......

First Citra, Diana, Dea and Tesa facing their result..... Erwin said I don't want four this girls going home, because they give a different color in this competition. But all judges predict that Citra will out... and..

We must say goodbye to Citra.... T.T whoaaaa so sad!!!...

Now time for the boys... Fendi, Windra, Gilang, and Fauzan

Fendi in the bottom two, Windra go to the next round, Gilang through to the next round.....

Let us with Fendi and Fauzan........ (Fauzan must out!!!!!)

Yuhuuuuuu.... Fauzan going home!!!!

So Citra and Fauzan leave the show. So my prediction was right!!
For Fauzan, good luck to you!! and for Citra, I hope you get the wildcard ^^

Just note for Indonesian People. If u love somebody in this competition, not just talk aloud but vote too with SMS or phone. Because with your vote your favorite contestant will be survive in this competition. ^^

That's all about Indonesian Idol Workshop 3. See you again next week in Indonesian Idol Workshop 4. I'm ArD sign out from this post!! ^^

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