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Indonesian Idol Workshop 5

Friday, 30 April 2010 twelve Indonesian Idol hopeful performing again live in the RCTI TV. The twelve contestants are : Dea, Diana, Fendi, Gilang, Ica, Igo, Keyko, Mona, Ray, Rio, Tesa and Windra. They battle to taking the spot in TOP 12 Indonesian Idol 2010, in the other word to be a finalist Indonesian Idol this season and one more step closer to be the Indonesian Idol 2010.

This is my review for they performance :

Ray - Rocker Juga Manusia (Rocker Are Human Too)
Ray open up the competition with the high standard. He become a rocker tonight. Although this is not Ray comfort zone, but he nail it. He can singing with good and give the different taste with the song, very originality because Ray give his own touch to the song. Well done!! That’s rock performance!!

Tesa - Mimpi (Dream)
Definitely this woman have a great voice. In that night Tesa also give a good vocal performance, but she just singing the song with no added the special thing to the song and her performance. Tesa performance look like good karaoke. Lack of originality, no special and very forgettable performance, I think ten minute after she sang many people will forget her performance.

Gilang - Jenuh (Saturated)
Gilang performance as always just okay for me. In three week I didn’t see the progression from him. Gilang performance in three week overall is same. Sounded good but not give more. I want more from Gilang and I believe he can more from this. That performance lack of originality again and a little bit like good karaoke performance and also lack of emotion. At some moment I caught him, that Gilang eyes like thinking something “what should I do next, What improve I will give to this performance” Gilang c’mon… just let it go, feel the song and singing the song very well and forget anything, just let it flow, okay??

Dea - Makhluk Tuhan Paling Sexy (The Most Sexy Creature of GOD)
Dea I’m not agree with Anang. For me your interpretation to the song was great, you not caught up with Mulan character. Mulan character is so strong in this song and you can out from that and being Dea to this song. I think you sing that song with different approach about sexiness, you give the sexy style like Pink, a tomboy sexy girl and rocker sexy girl, kind a like that. That’s terrific job!!!

Mona - Jangan Biarkan (Don't Let)
Mona, that’s performance so horrible. For me you came up tonight with over confidence and indicated you can’t sing up beat song. Last couple week you have a great performance but tonight you make a lot of mistake and you’re going backward. I think Mona will be in trouble after this performance. Watch out!!!

Fendi - Diam Tanpa Kata (Silent Without The Words)
Fendi, I must agree with Agnes and Rossa……. But I must agree with Anang and Erwin too. Agnes and Rossa was right your performance is so fun performance, very enjoyable, so easy listening and people will liked it. That all is advantage for him and ability from you that you can bring to this show, but that’s not enough. If that five minute performance I will got boring with your performance. Erwin and Anang right your technique in singing must improve, especially in the dynamic when you singing. You can’t singing the first reff and the second reff with the same way, it will makes people got boring, where’s the dynamic?? If you singing with many refrain repeat, you must give the dynamic in singing. So still a lot work to do Fendi. Jiayou!!

Windra - Untuk Mencintaimu (For Loving You)
Windra, for me this is the best performance from you in last three week. What I liked about Windra?? He’s singing with the honesty and because of that the emotion shine so pure from your heart and that’s so true. I really really like how you feel the song and how you deliver the message to the audience. Well done Windra!!...

Ica - Tak Pernah Setengah Hati (Never Half-Hearted)
Ica until now you still not give a progression. That’s good?? Yes, you can hit the high notes very well and very sounded good. But I want more from you, because you can more from this. I still didn’t get it with your emotion, I think you not really connect to the song. So good vocal performance with lack of emotion, but I still believe that Ica will be in the top 12.

Rio - Saat Kau Jauh (When You're Far Away)
I have a bad news and a good news. Let start with good news, I think for the first time you really connect to song and really blend with the song. But the bad news is you sing very terrible. The pitchy all over the place. A little bit shock because you’re the one of strongest based on vocal in this competition and you can’t singing good tonight. You drop the ball, Rio!!

Keyko - Baik Baik Sayang (Good Good Love/Honey)
For me your performance same like last week. The good is same and the bad is same, so nothing progression and nothing improvement from last week, but that’s still a good performance. You’re singing must more smooth, don’t make people shock when you’re singing. Fix it that and see you in top 12, Keyko.

Diana - Andai Aku Bisa (If I Can)
I think for me that’s the best performance of tonight. You hit the high notes very very well, very sounded good, and much better than your performance last week. Also you give me a little goosebumps. You looks more comfortable with that song and absolutely you save for another week, so welcome to the top 12.

Igo - Sadis (Sadist)
Igo, before interlude or part “owwwoowoow” You sounded very great and I think wow Igo really prove that he can sing with very well and this performance will be the best tonight. But when the interlude came and you sing part “owwoowwoow” and the end of part, in my mind what the Igo’s doing??? He goes wrong and goes terrible, at that moment I close my ear because I don’t wanna hear that part, that’s so terrible. 75% percent of the song from the beginning until before interlude you sounded very great but 25% percent in the end of part you sing with very terrible. So you destroy all your performance with the mistake you did in the ending and make your performance a mediocre performance. At least you show the progression tonight and that’s good and also I hope you more better next week.

So my superstar for Friday night performance is:

This is my rank performance :

So Mona and Rio will be the two person who leave the Idol competition because both of them really really going backward. They like a superstar for a last couple week but this week they are doing a terrible job. Very deserve to leave the competition.
The result had announced. Tesa and Rio must leave the competition, I didn’t surprise with the result because Tesa not give the best performance like she did with “Matahariku” song. For Rio of course he really deserve because he the baddest of the night and very going backward.

So ten contestant ready to compete in the big stage, just left 2 position to be fill.

Next week is a wildcard round. From 14 people had eliminated, just only eight people can comeback to the wildcard round. Who will make it to the wildcard round?? Don’t forget to watching Indonesian Idol @9PM only in RCTI.

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