Friday, May 7, 2010

Eight People Will Compete In Wildcard Round

All judges already decided eight people will compete in the wildcard round. From fourteen people who eliminated, four girls and four boys will be performing again in Idol stage. They are Citra, Zulfa, Tesa, Mela, Rio, Michael, Eza and Andi.

My prediction almost right, I just wrong one. I a little bit surprise because the judges picking Mela to compete in wildcard round, why not Doremi??? But I believe the judges have reason why picking Mela than Doremi.

For me Mela has a difficult chance to going in the top 12, because Citra, Zulfa and Tesa more stronger than her. Citra, Zulfa and Tesa will be so easy beat her. So I think the spot in top 12 will be pursuit by these three girl and make they job more easy. Sorry if I underestimate Mela because the last performance so horrible and with that song Mela must be great, but she didn’t because of that she really really has a difficult chance to made it in to top 12.

So who two people will join in the top 12 and crown as finalist Indonesian Idol 2010??? My prediction between Citra, Zulfa, Tesa, Rio and Michael. I think that five person who have a big chance to go in the top 12. For Andi and Eza, read my recent post for the whole comment for them, difficult for them to made it to the top 12, except both of them bring a spectacular performance in Friday night.

My first pick will be for Citra and Zulfa. I hope not separate gender again, so my two favorite girls will be in the top 12. But if must separate gender my pick will be for Citra and Rio, that my second pick. My third pick are Zulfa and Rio. So for Tesa and Michael sorry you didn’t get my support, because I think Citra, Zulfa and Rio more capable to performing in the big stage, sorry!!.....

So my blog officially support for Citra, Zulfa and Rio in the wildcard round. My first support is Citra, second is Zulfa and the last or my third support will be Rio. I hope these three kids will have a great performance and make all judges proud, so the big chance to made in the top 12 more open.

So don’t forget to catch Indonesian Idol 2010 Wildcard Round @9PM WIB in this Friday only in RCTI. Be the first witness who two persons will get the wildcard. So this week finding twelve finalist Indonesian Idol already over and officially complete.

That’s it for Indonesian Idol Wildcard Round. About Indonesian Idol we will see you again in my next post talking about review performance from wildcard round and of course the result. Also catch my post talking about who contestant will get my vote in the top 12??? Very officially get the support from this blog for that contestant??? Who will get my support?? See you in my next post hahaha… bye bye.. Sign out!!

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