Friday, May 21, 2010

Indonesian Idol Top 13 Review & The Result

Top 13 Indonesian Idol hit the stage again this Friday. With theme "Indonesia Super Band" all contestants ready to rock n roller central park stage. This week two contestants must going home?? who two people will eliminated??? Just wait and see....

Gilang – Nakal (Naughty)
I agree what all judges said. I agree with Melly about your style like Arman style. Also agree with Anang that you lose control go to the end of the song. But I must agree with Agnes too. For me this performance is the first time, Gilang bring completeness to his performance. Yeah in the middle you make a mistake, but it’s not a big problem for me. For the first time I like Gilang performance. For me this is the best performance by Gilang so far in this Idol competition.

Ray – Tak Ada Yang Abadi (Nothing is Eternal)
Overall it’s a good performance. You can hit the high notes, interpretation to the song you also good and you still be Ray (yourself) in that song, but the thing that a problem for me is your performance too theatrical. This song has a deep feeling, but you turn the song to theatrical. For some people will like it but for some people like me not really like it. But overall once again I said that’s a good performance from Ray and I’m not really like it. At least Ray consistent.

Dea – Sang Penghibur (The Entertainer)
Dea, I think Dea is going backward week after week. I feel same like Erwin at some moment I like Dea performance but at some moment I dislike Dea performance. At sometime for me Dea push too much. Nothing special from Dea performance and just feel alright and okay for me. But still believing Dea…..

Windra – Walau Habis Terang (Though Low Light)
Windra we know you can sing with good, sing with honesty and pure. But I want more from this. Gladly, Windra not did the freaky thing like last week, but in singing it feels same like last week. I still didn’t get the special thing from Windra performance. For me that performance is also forgettable. Sorry Windra… you must explore yourself more and bring your character and personality more to the stage.

Diana – Cinta Ini Membunuhku (Love is Killing Me)
Just three contestants for me can bring a different thing to the song in this competition. They are Ray, Citra and Diana. Overall that’s a good performance but like Ray performance, it’s too theatrical. Because too theatrical impact to the emotion with the song. The emotion a little bit lack, but still good performance from you, Diana.

Rio – Cinta Gila (Crazy Love)
My statement about Rio can win this competition is not wrong. You still have a chance to win this competition, especially after that performance. I think you’re back to the competition with that performance, for last three weeks Rio performance is so bad. Now Rio performance is improving and more better. I hope next week Rio much better from this.

Tesa – Jangan Pernah Berubah (Do Not Ever Change)
Tesa Tesa…. For me You’re getting better week by week. Tesa more relax in Idol stage, that’s good. How you feel the song, I more liked it. Tesa, although just a little bit, but I can catch the star presence in that performance. I agree with Agnes you must improve again to make the song feels so different and can give something new to Indonesian people. At least, Tesa in right direction.

Fendi – Sudahi Perih Ini (This Poignant Finish)
Nice to see you sing a ballad song and nice performance from you, Fendi. I didn’t get a big problem with that performance. Nice, save and good for tonight competition. I think Fendi deserve in the next week competition, because that was a surprising performance from Fendi and Fendi prove that he can sing a ballad song with good.

Ica – Rasa Yang Tertinggal (Feeling Left Behind)
That performance much million better than last week. Ica back to the competition and ready to compete with another contestants. For me too much action in your act stage performance, Ica. But it’s not a big problem. Ica, I think your performance is save but I don’t know that performance is strong enough to bring you to another week, I’m not sure. Just hope for the best for you, Ica….

Citra – Menghapus Jejakmu (Erase Your Trail)
Citra, your performance is so refreshing. The most refreshing performance in tonight show. What I must to say again either than good, great, and very catchy performance. Keep up the good work and keep explore to can give a something new week by week. Great job citra!!

Keyko – Dilema Cinta (Dilemmas of Love)
You’re so beautiful tonight, Keyko. I think the most beautiful contestant in tonight show. How about your performance?? Hmmmm…. Spectacular!!! In my opinion this is the most spectacular performance in tonight show. Great job, Keyko. You’re progression this week is so huge. Your technique miking is improve, the dynamic is improve, everything about you is improve, Keyko. For Rossa, Watch out!!, Keyko ready to be your contender. Well done, Keyko.

Igo – Terbakar Cemburu (Burning Jealousy)
100% agree with Erwin, you’re being the dark horse in this competition. You always give a good progression week by week. That’s a tremendous performance by Igo. For me that the best performance by you, Igo, so far in this Idol competition. Keep up the good work and kick all butt

Mona – Biarlah (Let It Be)
I really remember when you sing an up-beat song and you fail to sing that song. Now you prove that you can sing an up-beat sing with very well. That performance is really spectacular to close this show tonight. I really enjoy with your performance. See you next week, Mona.

So my superstar for tonight performance is between Citra, Igo and Keyko. My pick is………

This is my rank for tonight performance :
Strongest performance from second spectacular show, If going home I will be very shock because they deserve in next week competition
1. Keyko
2. Igo
3. Citra

Not strong performance but still good performance and of course deserve in next week competition and also have an issue to drop into the bottom three
4. Mona
5. Gilang
6. Ray
7. Diana
8. Fendi
9. Rio
10. Tesa

For me, they don’t give a good progression in their performance, for some people are going backward……
11. Ica
12. Dea
13. Windra

So my bottom three Ica, Dea and Windra. Because in top 13, two contestants must going home… so my pick is Ica and Windra. I’m still believing that Dea can more good than tonight performance.

The result has announced Ica and Mona must going home in top 13 performance. My opinion said Ica deserve to going home, but Mona not deserve. Mona journey is too fast to ended now in top 13 performance. She has a big potential to compete in top five. What we must do?? the result already spoken that Ica and Mona journey must ended. Goodbye for Ica and Mona, Good Luck for both of you.....

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