Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Casey James Didn't Make It In To Finale

Casey James must leave the competition when the competition through to the finale. Make Crystal Bowersox and Lee Dewyze one step closer to take the title American Idol season nine.

My opinion said that Casey James journey in American Idol season nine is a safe journey. I said that because early in the competition Casey show a safe performance week by week. First live show (top 24), Casey show a good performance by singing “Heaven”, a song from Bryan Adams. Move to second live show (top 20), singing “I Don’t Want To Be” Casey James not give a good progression in this week. Same with third live show (top 16), Casey didn’t give a huge progression.

From top 12 until top 10, Casey still played safe and showed only great guitar performances. Honestly I didn’t remember Casey performance within three weeks. Casey big progression happen when he sang “Jealous Guy” in Lennon & McCartney songbooks week. Casey’s performance in top nine is the best performance in whole idol competition, for me.

After “Jealous Guy” performance, Casey back to his comfort zone in top nine again. Move to top 7, this performance is one of the bad performances by Casey James in American Idol competition. Fiuh! I’m glad because in top 6, Casey back to the game (competition). Casey’s performance in top six is one of the best performances by him in Season 9 competition.

In top five, Casey James performance is more going backward. Casey’s performance in top five is the baddest performance by Casey James in American Idol season nine. In this condition, Casey chance to win this season more difficult because Crystal’s too strong to beat by him and Lee stronger week by week. He only can beat Aaron and Michael and it happen.

He beat Aaron in top five and beat Michael in top four, but his journey ended in top three. It is a maximum journey for him. In top four, Casey took a risk with change the arrangement of “Mrs. Robinson” and play ukulele or little guitar in his performance, for me that just okay performance because for me top four is the baddest week in season nine. I can’t get chill in top four performances, just one performance that I can remember and I liked, that is Crystal & Lee duet performance “Falling Slowly”.

Top three performances, everybody kill Casey James. Crystal and Lee performances are much better than Casey James. Casey James sang with good and also can show a great guitar playing, but it’s not enough for top three. I think a lot people can predict that Casey will be voted off in top three.

Casey James has a great talent. The talent is not just singing, but also plays guitar. He can sing with very well and for sure everybody can admit that and of course everybody can admit too that Casey is a great guitar player. Keep doing this, Casey!!... You’re born to be a musician. You have a great voice and you can sing with very well too and also you very talented in playing guitar. So what else to do?? Music industry is your destiny, keep on movin buddy!!...

My advise for you, out from your comfort zone. Being in comfort zone not always give a good thing in life, sometime can bring a negative thing too. Be wise, Casey!!... Sometime out from comfort zone is good to refreshing yourself and definitely in music out from comfort zone can give chill to the people. At sometime take a risk Casey, no pain no gain, so in this life you must take a risk too, don’t playing safe too much.

So… good luck for you, Casey!!... I believe you will have a tremendous career in music industry. Base on your talent, you can make a hit record. So just wish u all the best…..

History performances by Casey James :
Top 24 - Top 12 Guys - Heaven
Top 20 - Top 10 Guys - I Don't Want To Be
Top 16 - Top 8 Guys - You'll Think Of Me
Top 12 - Rolling Stone Week - It's All Over Now
Top 11 - Billboard No.1 Hits Week - The Power Of Love
Top 10 - R&B Week - Hold On I'm Coming
Top 9 - Lennon & McCartney Songbooks Week - Jealous Guy
Top 9 Again - Elvis Week - Lawdy Miss Clawdy
Top 7 - Inspiration Week - Don't Stop (Yesterday's Gone)
Top 6 - Shania Twain Songbooks Week - Don't
Top 5 - Frank Sinatra Week - Blue Skies
Top 4 - Movie Week - Mrs. Robinson
Top 4 - Movie Week - feat. Michael Lynch - Have You Ever Really Loved Woman
Top 3 - Own Choice - Ok, It's Alright With Me
Top 3 - Judges Choice - Daughters

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Goodbye Casey James


See Ya!! In The Real World.......

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