Tuesday, May 18, 2010

American Idol Top 4 Performance, It’s a Movie Week

Casey, Crystal, Lee and Michael are the last four contestants. Only in two weeks from now, American people will know who will take the American Idol title 2010. Two weeks in the row, we also can see two contestants journey ended and can’t through in to the finale. Who journey will end?? And who journey will through until the finale?? Wait until next week. Now let’s talk about top four performances.

This week mentor is Jamie Fox. Jamie Fox also take the position as a mentor last season in top five in the rat-pack week (Jazz Week). Now he coming back in top four, when the theme go to the cinema week.

For me, this week is one of the bad weeks in Idol season 9. Honestly no one performance that I really really like. The duet is better than solo performance, but the duet is not my favorite performance too. So I can’t enjoy the show so much…..

This is my review :
Lee Dewyze – Kiss From A Rose
Lee performance is like Lee in the beginning of the show. Nothing special, just sang it well, and lack of emotion. This song has a great emotion, but Lee don’t have. This is a big song so Lee must kill the song, but Lee killed by the song. The difference is at least Lee show a confidence in this performance.

Michael Lynch - Will You Be There
Took a Michael Jackson is very risky also for him. The risky is not paid off. Jamie said he is contestant and not artist, yep I must agree. Not great performance, one of the bad performances by Michael Lynch. After this performance, Michael will be got a hard chance to through in top three because Michael performance is the baddest of the night too.

Lee Dewyze & Crystal Bowersox – Falling Slowly
Yeah this performance is my favorite tonight because this performance is more enjoyable than other performances in cinema week. I know this is not fair, but if I compare to Kris Allen performance, Kris Allen performance much million better than Lee & Crystal. The thing can make Kris Allen performance better is the emotion. Lee & Crystal sing with very good and I like the harmony too, but the emotion not so strong like Kris Allen give in this song.

Cassie James – Mrs. Robinson
The most interesting performance for cinema week. Using ukulele or in other word using small guitar in Casey performance, that interesting. Not my favorite performance and not the best performance by Casey too. Just okay performance and nice to be heard, but not many special thing in this performance.

Crystal Bowersox - I'm Alright
This is singing competition and she gave the hot vocal. I think the best vocal performance of the night, but not my favorite performance. Yes, this performance has a great vocal performance, but it not easy to enjoy. This performance just prove that Crystal is contestant with the best vocal in top four.

Michael Lynch & Casey James – Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman
This duet performance is better than their solo performance. Although this is also not performance that I liked so much, but still good for top 4 performances. Michael Lynch more sing good in this song, I think Michael should pick this song to be his solo performance.

My superstar of cinema week performance :

Crystal Bowersox

My Rank (Solo & Duet) :
1. Lee Dewyze & Crystal Bowersox
2. Crystal Bowersox
3. Michael Lynch & Casey James
4. Casey James
5. Lee Dewyze
6. Michael Lynch

If you want to watch their performances again just visit AmericanIdol.com or clik this

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