Sunday, May 9, 2010

Say Farewell To Aaron Kelly

Last Thursday for Asian people, we know who one person eliminated in top five. That person is Aaron Kelly. In personally, I’m so sad with this result, because like all my statement before in another post, Aaron just one and only my favorite contestant standing until top five. So after Mr. Kelly out, I don’t have another my favorite contestant who that contestant I support from the beginning of the show (since audition).

Aaron journey in American Idol season 9 is like a roller coaster because at sometime he in the peak but sometime he in the bottom. Go to the top 24, Aaron not the strong contestant, because in the last performance in Hollywood he forgot some lyric. That reason make him a little bit underestimate in this show and not just that Aaron almost voted by VoteForTheWorst because that performance.

I’m relief when Aaron did first live performance, he’s doing good. Aaron prove that he must consider in this competition as one of stronger contestant. I think in the top 24, Aaron become the best performance in male group. In top 20, Aaron performance for judges a little bit down but for me still alright. In top 20 Aaron sang “My Girl” and make me wanna hear that song again because of him.

In my analysis, Aaron performance from top 16 until top 10 liked by the judges and in the head of all judges Aaron always save for another week. But for me, Aaron didn’t gave a significant progression from top 16 until top 10. I think in the top 10 when he sang “Ain’t No Sunshine”, he performance not so good for me, yeah I must admitted it feels effortless, but not so good performance especially if I must compare to last season performance did by Kris Allen, Kris Allen performance more more great than Aaron.

Go to the top 9, Aaron performance more going backward. After that he struggle to give the best performance every week. In Elvis week, he sang the up-beat song and I liked it and also more improvement than last week. Top 7 sang “I Believe I Can Fly”, he sang it very effortless and more improvement from last couple week.
The best performance by Aaron I think in top 6. When American Idol go to the country and sing a song from Shania Twain songbooks. Aaron performance feel so great and prove that he deserve in the top five. In top five, that is the last performance by him, Aaron did a pretty good job for me and Aaron performance better than Casey James.

But what Kara said is right, Aaron is so lack with star presence and for me sometime Aaron performance to rigid/stiff, in the bad word like a robotic performance because his body language is so awful. He must work much in this part, because this part is also important for superstar.

I think Aaron must proud to himself because he started the show with lack of confidence and being a person underestimated in this show, but he can prove that he deserve in here competition and can compete with other contestant. Top five is a great achievement for him, I think he gave an inspiration for other young kid in American who have a problem in self-confidence. If you see the video from Aaron when he got eliminated, the word in that video give an inspiration.

So Aaron you still have a homework to do before you make an album, I think. Learn about stage presence, how can sing with a great act performance, and not to stiff. For the vocal, I think he good in this part and ready to make an album in this part.

Aaron, you still young, you still have a lot of time to improve. What you’ve been show in this competition is already great and you must proud with that. Never stop to learning, Aaron!!

So I hope you have a great career in the real world, maybe we can see you again once more time in the grand final, but my hope we can still see you in the real world.

Journey of Aaron Kelly performance :
Top 24 - Top 12 Guys - Here Comes Goodbye
Top 20 - Top 10 Guys - My Girl
Top 16 - Top 8 Guys - I'm Already There
Top 12 - Angie
Top 11 - I Don't Want To Miss A Thing
Top 10 - Ain't No Sunshine
Top 9 - The Long And Winding Road
Top 9 - Blue Suede Shoes
Top 7 - I Believe I Can Fly
Top 6 - You've Got A Way
Top 5 - Fly Me To The Moon

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Goodbye to You, Aaron


God Bless You

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