Thursday, May 20, 2010

American Idol Season 9 Big Three Result Show

Today is the day what we've been waiting for. Today we know who two contestants who didn't eliminated and through into grand final American Idol. Will be a great guitar player, Casey James?? Or one and only girl left in the competition, Crystal Bowersox??? Or the most growing up contestant, Lee Dewyze??

We’ve got the funny moment in top three result show. Casey statement is funny, “Not single comment is useful” hahahaha…. Whereas Crystal and Lee said that comment from the judges is really helpful hahaha. But I must agree with Casey James not every comment is useful sometime the comment from judges make the contestant so confusing like happens to Katie Stevens.

Hometown visit… who contestant will cry in this season??? We’ve got two contestant. Lee cry in hometown visit and Crystal cry in idol stage. Casey going home to Texas, Crystal going home to Ohio, and Lee going home to Illinois.

American Idol has two guest star and they are Travis Garland and Justin Bieber. Travis Garland singing a song called “Believe” and Justin Bieber singing two songs “U Smile” and “Baby” with medley. Justin Bieber gave a tremendous performance in American Idol stage. Honestly I’m surprise by what Bieber doing in that stage. Great things about that performance are medley two songs, sing with very well, give a great act stage performance, and close his performance with great moment (playing drum). That’s a great job and great performance by Justin Bieber.

After Bieber performance it’s time for the result. Lee is the first contestant announced by Ryan who through in to the finale and Crystal is the second contestant announced. So sorry for Casey James, his journey must ended in big three and can’t taste the feel in the finale.

Yeayyyy what I want is happen…. Lee and Crystal in the finale…. So don’t forget to watch American Idol finale next week and find out who the winner American Idol this season.

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