Sunday, May 2, 2010

Who Eight People Will Compete In Wildcard Round

Fourteen people officially out from Indonesian Idol 2010 competition, but eight people from them have a chance to get back in the Indonesian Idol stage and if they lucky two from eight people will join ten people who already will perform in the big stage. If ten people already crown as Indonesian Idol 2010 finalist, so two lucky person from wildcard round will be crown to as Indonesian Idol 2010 finalist.

The question is : who will get that chance and compete in the wildcard round??? Whether that Mela, Doremi, Bagus, Sanni, QZ, Orin, Eza, Andi, Citra, Fauzan, Zulfa, Michael, Tesa or Rio. Everybody don’t know until all judges announced their decision.

So before all judges make the decision, I make some prediction about who eight people will get the chance in wildcard round. So this is my prediction :

1. Citra
My first choice definitely goes to Citra. Citra is one of my favorite in Indonesian Idol competition. See her go from the competition is a sad moment for me. The reason I pick her to be my first choice because she is so different, she have a quirky-ness and unique voice and also she only one contestant who very influent with jazz. So lost her in this competition is a huge disadvantage, she has a great prospect, so we must give her for second chance. I know in the last performance she pick a wrong song choice, definitely that song out of her element. She must pick a jazzy song, like from Tompi or Glen Freddly and some artist like that, I believe she will be great.

2. Zulfa
This is my one favorite too. I’m very disappointed with last performance. She sang “Jika Cinta Dia” from band Geisha and she sang very pitchy all over the place. The song is hard to sing and character Momo Geisha (Vocalist Geisha) is very strong in that song. She must out from that character, but Zulfa didn’t do that. That a reason why Zulfa leave the competition. I believe she deserve to get the second chance, and she must pick a big song like from Krisdayanti, Ruth Sahanaya or Titi DJ. She must pick song from a diva and something song like that who can show the big voice that she has. So I hope she can doing great in Wildcard round, 100% believe that she will take a one spot in the wildcard round.

3. Tesa
She made it so far until top 12 or workshop five, but in the last workshop she eliminated. Tesa eliminated because she not give something special in her performance. Everybody know that she has a great voice and can hit the high notes, but c’mon give something more maybe with great emotion, great interpretation, or pick a totally a bigger song like “Sang Dewi” from Titi DJ because with song like that I believe Tesa will be looks so great.

4. Doremi
She going home to fast. The last performance she sang “Teruskanlah” a song from Agnes Monica, one of the judges. I think Doremi performance not the baddest of the night and not the second bad of the night too. She really deserve go to the next week and prove to all judges and people of Indonesia that her has a great voice and have a big potential to stay in this competition. I hope she got the second chance, so people of Indonesia can know how good she is.

5. Rio
I think this person totally have a big chance to win this competition, but because his terrible job in last workshop make him must out from the competition. He did a terrible job because sick. I don’t care if he sick or health, every contestant must give the best performance who they can every week. I agree with Agnes if you already become an artist people will don’t care about you sick or health, you must give a best performance and make all people feel pleasure with your performance, because if not people will hate you (that artist). I believe he will get the chance to join in the wildcard round, he has a big potential to be a great singer, so all judges will be so stupid if not choose him to go in the wildcard round.

6. Michael
This kid doesn’t has a great voice, but he has a great musicality. He great when he plays piano and his performance more good if he use the instrument. I believe he will get the spot in wildcard round too because only him and Rio really deserve in this round, both of them have a big potential to be a great artist and singer. So give them the second chance will be a smart decision.

Before I pick the last two, I don’t think the rest have a capability to compete in the wildcard round, especially in top 12 they didn’t deserve because the terrible job they did in their performance. My next choose based on I want to know more of them because they not get some time to prove that they can sing well, so because of that they deserve get a second chance.

7. Eza
Honestly I didn’t surprise when he’s out from the competition, because the last performance definitely bad and have a big chance to going home, and it happen. Why I pick Eza?? Because if we see before the workshop I think he can sing well, so I want see him again and give the second chance to prove that he can sing well and have a potential to be a superstar. Chance for going to the top 12 honestly difficult because he must beat a great singer Rio and great musicality Micahel, except he can show the spectacular performance, feel so different and make all judges and Indonesian people stunning with Eza performance. So let see….

The last pick…. OMG this is so hard….. In my mind just pop-up Andi, Orin and Fauzan name. Fauzan eliminated from my mind because remember his last performance make me shaky because so terrible and make me remembered to robotic badminton performance. So left just Orin and Andi, if can put five girl in the wildcard round definitely I will pick Orin, but I didn’t think so. So far this competition separate by the gender, so total of the girls and the boys will be same, because I already pick four girls and three boys, so my last choose I give to the boys.

8. Andi
The last performance from Andi honestly bad and like an amateur singer, but I don’t know why, I still believe he can more than that. He can sing good than that and performing well in the stage not like that performance. So I will give my last spot to him, so he can prove to all judges and Indonesian people that he can sing very well and performing well in Idol stage. The chance to in the top 12??? Difficult, same word like I gave to Eza, except he can performing unique and feel so different but also very spectacular performance and make all judges stunning and everybody in Indonesia stunning when watching Andi performance.

So who will judges pick??? Wait and check in my blog for that result…. Or you can go to the Indonesian Idol official website in

So that’s it for me today. See you again in next post. I hope you more enjoy with my blog and get the pleasure with my blog also you get the positive information and useful information from my blog. Thanks for your attention….. see you in next post….

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