Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Big Mike Just Reached Into Top 4

A long and winding journey for Big Mike. I said that because Big Mike really got a peaked moment in the early of the show, but Big Mike performance going backward when the competition go to the top 12. Michael got a shining moment again in top 6 and top 5, but in my opinion it’s too late because many people already falling in love with Lee and Crystal who both of them have consistency in their performance week by week.

In season nine, Big Mike is the contestant received a “save” from judges. The reason all judges gave him “save” because I think all judges can see the great potential in him. When Michael sang a song called “This Woman’s Work” everybody can see what artist Michael want to be and I think that performance really hard to be forgettable. Until now I still remember how great that performance. Unfortunately Big Mike can’t show a great performance like that again in big stage. Mike only can show the performance almost great like that or show a great vocal performance.

The thing can make him out from the competition is bad performance by him in top four performance, that a first reason. Second reason is he must pick a song really show Michael as an artist, pick a soulful R&B song, but he didn’t do that. He pick a song from Michael Jackson and make the arrangement like orchestra and little bit like Glee. When he did something like that, he out from the competition and in top four he did almost same like moment he eliminated and got “save” from the judges, very unfortunate.

Based on potential and talent, I think Big Mike can stand in the finale, but the bad song choice and the bad way that he pick make his journey so difficult and ended in top four. If Mike can show again his performance like “This Woman’s Work” for a couple time in big stage, I think Mike can fill one spot in the top three. But the fact already happen and Mike only reached into top four.

So for Mike my advise is make a record like “This Woman’s Work”. That performance is so great and I believe if you take a record like that many people will liked it. Take a genre soul R&B with a deep emotion that you can feel it, Mike. Because if you can feel it, you really can deliver the message to the audience and people can feel your emotion, like what you did to Kara in “This Woman’s Work” performance.

Big Mike you already pick a right way in your life. Singing is part of your life. Don’t go away from singing world, you must still keep doing this. I believe you still can be a success person in singing world (music industry). Just go ahead find a label want to contract you and make a great record. Although just four placed not close a chance to be make a hit album, see Daughtry four placed but can sold million album in the world.

My support always be with you Mike because I see the big potential from you in music industry. I hope I can see you again in the real world and absolutely see you in an album, so I can hear you sing again and feel your deep emotion. Good luck to you Mike and may God always bless you and Ur family.

History performance of Michael Lynch :
Top 24 - Top 12 Guys - This Love
Top 20 - Top 10 Guys - It's A Man's Man's World
Top 16 - Top 8 Guys - This Woman's Work
TOp 12 - Miss You
Top 11 - A Man Loves A Woman
Top 10 - Ready For Love
Top 9 - Eleanor Rigby
Top 9 Again - In The Ghetto
TOp 7 - Hero
Top 6 - It Only Hurts When I'm Breathing
Top 5 - The Way You Look Tonight
Top 4 - Will You Be There & Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman (feat. Casey James)

Watch again Michael Lynch performance

Watch video curtain call by Michael Lynch only in AmericanIdol.com

Goodbye Big Mike
Hope The Best For You

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