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20.10 ArD Recommendations Songs, May Edition!!!

ArD recommendations songs are back only for you, my loyal readers. Now I will give you songs for the month of May. Thirty songs I will share to you for accompany you for a month ahead.

Twenty (20) international song and ten (10) Indonesian song I will recommend for you, right here and right now. Sorry If I'm a little bit too late posting this post. Enjoy this post..... ^^

Here it is 20 International Songs :
1. Katharine McPhee feat. Zachary Levi/Kara DioGuardi feat. Jason Reeves – Terrified
I ever talk this song in my previous post. So want to know this song or just listen, just find out my previous post or you can search in the label named Terrified, or the name of the artist.

2. Carrie Underwood – Temporary Home
Like Terrified, I recently talk this post. Just check in my previous post or you can search with the tag Carrie Underwood, American Idol, American Artist or Temporary Home. In that post you can enjoy the video and also you can sing because I share the lyric in that post.

3. Leona Lewis - I Got You
This is the latest single from Leona Lewis. This is a catchy song and an up-beat song. Leona rarely sing an up-beat song, so if you are the fans of Leona you must listen to this song. This song is good to heard.

4. Lifehouse - Halfway Gone
So long didn't hear named of this band. Halfway Gone is the latest single of Lifehouse band. When I hear this song for the first time, I directly fall in love. Difficult to ignore this song especially not bring this song to your playlist.

5. Shontelle - Impossible
If you know song "T-Shirt", you know Shontelle. Shontelle famous with that song. Now Shontelle back with the new single "Imposible", this song same good like "T-shirt". You must listen!!!

6. Carrie Underwood – Change
For May edition, I bring two songs from Miss. Underwood. So hard for me to pick one from that two song because "Change" and "Temporary Home" are a great song. Because of that I must put two song from Carrie in May edition. You must listen to this song, the lyric is so great and very inspiring. Enjoy two music country in this May, still alright!! ^^

7. Usher feat. Will.I.Am - OMG
Second single from album called Randy Vs Randy. This song better than previous single, especially for me. Featuring Will.I.Am in this song, make this song more sounded good.

8. Mika – Kick Ass
The unique voice Mika comeback with song for a movie. Name of movie same like title of Mika song is Kick Ass. "We are young, we are strong" a few word from this song and that word very often pop-up in my head.

9. Owl City - Vanilla Twilight
As always Owl City song is so refreshing to heard. My ear so refresh with this song. So refreshing, so different, so calm and so good to heard and also definitely deserve to put in your playlist.

10. Miranda Cosgrove - Kissin U
Miranda back with the new single called Kissin You. So far I know this artist, I think this is the best single that she have, that she made and she sang. I really like with this song, although I think a little bit girly because very pop song, but still alright to heard by the guy. Just check it out first, people!! ^^

11. Alicia Keys - Empire State Of Mind (Part II) Broken Down
Second edition from song named "The Empire State Of Mind". If the first edition Jay Z feat Alicia Keys, in second edition Alicia Keys just sing the song by alone. This is more smooth than the first one, but although like that the song still very good to heard because basically the song is already good.

12. Miley Cyrus - When I Look At You
13. Andrew Garcia – Forever (Live Performance)
Are you fans of American Idol??? or are you fans of Andrew Garcia?? if yes definitely you must listen to this song. The live version is much better than studio version. If you not fans of American Idol or Andrew Garcia, it's not a big problem if you listen to this song too.

14. Justin Bieber - Never Let You Go
15. Katie Stevens – Let It Be
In May edition, I filled the list by put two finalist American Idol season 9. Let me introduce you to Katie Stevens. "Let It Be" version by Katie Steven also good to heard, Katie voice sounded great in this song, live and studio version, both is great!! You must listen to this!!

16. Adele - Chasing Pavements
Old song but if you never heard Adele song, you must right here right now. The quirky singer and young talented artist who already have a grammy award in a young age has a good taste in music. "Chasing Pavements" is the first single from Adele, enjoy!!

17. Taylor Swift - Fearless
18. Travis - Side
Old song too from Travis, but not many people know how good this song. Listen to this song!! one of good song from Travis!! ^^

19. Goo Goo Dolls - Better Days
I love this song when Tim Urban sing this song in TOP 7 American Idol, but unfortunate Tim version not so good like Goo Goo Dolls version.

20. Paramore - The Only Exception
New single from Paramore. This song more soft and smooth than last two single from Paramore. This is not an usual song from Paramore, but still good. I think this song more enjoyable than "Ignorance"

Now It's time for 10 Indonesian Songs :

Honestly I got a difficult time to pick ten Indonesian Songs because I'm a little bit boring with genre music in Indonesia. I'm boring because many Indonesian song type like slow, smooth, romantic and love song like type of Ballad song. I want something different with honest.

But although like that, finally I can make it!! here it is......

1. Indah - Baru Aku Tahu Cinta Itu Apa
New artist from Indonesia. First single from her good to heard, but no so much different like music in Indonesia. Slow, smooth and kind of Ballad song and also romantic or love song. Beside that, at least this good still good to heard.

2. Andra & The Backbone – Jalanmu Bukan Jalanku
What I love about Andra & The Backbone is the character voice of the vocalist, so refreshing and very unique. Not a surprising song from Andra & The Backbone, but always good to enjoy.

3. Po3three - Ku Tak Laku
This music a little bit girly in my opinion and really really a pop song, but it's okay because in Indonesia it such been a long time no kind of music like this. So just enjoy the new girl band from Indonesia Po3three.

4. Tohpati feat. Wilson – Tersiksa Lagi
Tohpati is a great musician in Indonesian and Wilson is runner-up Indonesian Idol season four. Finally one of alumni Indonesian Idol came up to the music industry again. After many alumni Indonesian Idol gone with no story. Hope for the best for Wilson. Just listen, this song is good!! ^^

5. Dewi Sandra feat. Dimas Beck – Dansa
As always this type of song is a type song good for Dewi Sandra. Now she duet with Dimas Beck, Dimas not give a pecial thing to the song in my opinion. If Dewi Sandra sing by alone, I think this song still good.

6. Kahitna – Mantan Terindah
Indonesian people know that Kahitna is a band full of love, because song from Kahitna always talk about love. Like the new single still talk about love. In english "Mantan Terindah" mean "Former Loveliest".

7. The Virgin – Belahan Jiwa
Finally The Virgin show up with the new single. After they launch "Cinta Terlarang", they not launch another single, but now they finally made it launch the second single.

9. Thalita Laitef – Aw Aw Awas
Music industry is the new world for her. She began her career from acting. After that she goes to presenter and now she trying music industry. Not a bad job for her, the first single from her good to heard and nice to enjoy.

8. Glenn Freddly – Tersimpan
Like Kahitna, Glenn also a singer who always sing a love song. He is a really romantic singer and his emotion to the song so great and very deep. He is one of my favorite singer in Indonesia, because although he sang a love song, but he genre not just pop sometime he goes to jazz, soul and R&B. He not just caught in one genre of music.

10. Ada Band - Pemujamu
I'm not really really addicted with Ada Band latest single. For me the previous - previous single from Ada Band more good than this, but if I must compare to the another song in Indonesia this song still good to heard.

That's it guys, my recommend songs for you in may edition. I hope you like with the song that I recommend to you. Enjoy!!!

If you have a comment just leave it bellow this post. Thank you!! ^^

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