Saturday, May 8, 2010

Indonesian Idol 2010 Wildcard Round (Part 1)

Four guys and four girls compete in wildcard round. This is the last round, so they must give all they can give, if they want in to the top 12. So if they not give 100% in the wildcard round, so we must say goodbye for the second time to them. Whether my favorite doing good?? Or doing so terrible?? and whether the persons who being the underdog for me doing so great and spectacular??? Let see…..

This is my review for eight contestant who compete in the wildcard round :

Tesa as always singing good. I think no one can deny that Tesa have a great voice. But she still got the problem, but now not a problem about emotion/connection to the song, she doing good in that. For me the problems are she can’t take people attention with her performance, she personality didn’t came out in her performance and she can’t make many moment in her performance. Because of that her performance very easy to forgettable. I think in the next one hour from Tesa performance, many people will forget Tesa performance. So Tesa you must learn how to take people attention, how to pull out your personality to your performance and creating many moment in your performance. The last thing but not least, who are you?? Till now I didn’t recognize a truly Tesa, what record will you make or genre music what will you take… honestly I don’t know. C’mon Tesa lift up your game, be yourself and did what you like to do, I really want see the honesty from you and see the truly Tesa.

Eza performance more better than the last one. Eza more stylish and looking good, Eza act performance more good, more comfortable in the stage and when singing, but still have a problem in singing. In the last part, I think Eza force to much his voice and again looks want to end your performance so fast. Overall not so good performance Eza and I don’t think with that performance enough to bring you in the spectacular show.

I must disagree with all judges. For me Mela performance so terrible and very horrible. The worst version of “Jomblowati” song, I hate Mela version so much. Mela sounded so bad and I didn’t get chill for one second in Mela performance. I don’t wanna hear again her version of this song, I will turn my speaker to zero volume. For me, Mela not ready to compete in Indonesian Idol competition, many homework to do for her to be a great singer/artist.

Michael performance in wildcard round more better than the last performance by him, the performance make Michael out from the competition. But for me Michael performance not strong enough to compete in spectacular show, okay I must admit that Michael performance better than two previous performance, but Michael will so easily beaten by all contestant who already take a spot in spectacular show.

Wow I didn’t expected that Andi performance will be so good. I really surprise by Andi performance. So my prediction was right about him, I look a potential in him and Andi prove to all Indonesian people in the wildcard round. I don’t think this is the best vocal performance so far, but Andi performance my favorite performance so far in the wildcard round if I must compare to the four previous performance. You sing not too much, but not too less. Andi performance like a food when all ingredients mixed-up with enough and make a good taste (Penampilan Andi seperti makanan yang biasa saja seperti baso tetapi semua bumbunya dicampur menjadi satu dengan takaran yang pas, sehingga membuat rasanya menjadi enak (difficult to translate that sentence in English so I write in Indonesian language)), Andi performance enough in everything, enough in vocal performance, enough in emotion, everything is enough.

Citra performance is the best so far and my first favorite of the night. Citra performance so strong and I think the strongest performance of the night. Citra really in the zone, this is her element and she nail it. I’m so happy see Citra performance like this because sounded so great, feel so great and she ready to kick butt all contestant in spectacular show. See you in spectacular show sweetheart hahahaha ;p

For me Zulfa performance still alright and still save. Although I must agree with Melly that Zulfa didn’t get he soul of this song because this song very soulful R&B song. Zulfa sang so pop and I think this song become Zulfa pop version, but I think that still alright. She came up with her interpretation and singing with well too, also give a good act performance in the stage. Not so bad performance for me and still keep the chance to through in the spectacular show.

Rio performance so save for me. Rio’s so playing save in wildcard round. Rio’s picking an easy song for him, this is not a big song and hard song to sing for a man who have ability like Rio. Overall Rio performance is so save, Rio didn’t do many improvement or risky improvement, Rio feel the song not so great but still okay. So overall is save performance from Rio.

(To Be Continue......)

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